Parker’s Restaurant in Portland, Maine will be closed permanently

As the Portland, Maine dining scene has exploded in recent years, locals have tried to keep a few places on their own. For restaurants that are not located in the downtown Portland area, there is good work to be done by catering to the neighborhoods in which they are located. But the lack of qualified labor is a challenge for many old neighborhood establishments. This includes Parker’s Restaurant, which announced its permanent closure on June 25 via Facebook.

Facebook via Parker’s Restaurant

Facebook via Parker’s Restaurant

Parker’s Restaurant, a longtime favorite of people who lived in the outer Washington Street lane, sounded almost apologetic in their farewell on social media. Parker calls himself “Portland’s best kept secret,” where people can gather for a good meal and great drinks at a reasonable price. Their decision to close the restaurant after 33 years in business was bittersweet but also essential, as the ability to retain a full kitchen staff and provide the same high-quality service for which Parker is famous has become so difficult.

While June 25 is the set date for Parker’s closing by the current owners, they still hope the restaurant will be purchased by an enthusiastic new entrepreneur who can keep Parker’s traditions alive or bring their own ideas to the space. The restaurant and property are currently listed by Landing Real Estate, but it comes at a price that may seem a bit pricey to some buyers. But given the price of any Portland property these days, there’s likely to be a buyer somewhere.

Facebook via Parker’s Restaurant

Facebook via Parker’s Restaurant

For regular Parker’s visitors, they’ll miss the regular faces, free parking, and delicious prime rib on weekends.

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