Pasta gets another vegan restart with ZenB . Yellow Pea Variety

June 15, 2022 – ZenB launches a new range of gluten-free spaghetti made with yellow peas including the shell. This comes at a time when there is a renewed focus on research and development and NPD in reformulating pasta shapes and flavors, even changing and transforming shapes.

ZenB’s one-ingredient pasta still has the same look and texture as the original, but it’s pegged as healthy and produced more sustainably because the peas are grown using less water.

This process returns nutrients to the soil. The pasta can also achieve the al-dente consistency that traditional spaghetti does.

“Spaghetti has been highly demanded by our customers, so it felt like the natural next step in expanding our range of yellow pea pasta products. Consumers will never know the difference between traditional spaghetti and yellow pea pasta,” says Hugo Pérez, head of marketing at ZenB .

Pea pairingZenB pasta is versatile and can be paired with meatballs and a variety of sauces.
Earlier this year, researchers at the Hebrew University of Israel developed a technology for making pasta that can be pre-programmed to change a specific shape when boiled. This technology helps save packing space and enhance user interaction, and when boiled, the pasta takes on twisted and zigzag shapes.

ZenB spaghetti is high in protein (17 g) and fiber (11 g) per 3-ounce serving. Pasta is very versatile and can be paired with meatballs and a variety of sauces, and topping in soups or baked dishes.

Non-GMO, vegan, and kosher spaghetti contain no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Vegetable noodles are popping up everywhere
In other pasta-related news, researchers have developed a variety of packages that are flat but take a three-dimensional shape when cooked. This “conversion mechanism” could save an estimated 59% to 86% in packaging space during shipping and warehousing by reducing air space, according to a study published by Science Advances.

“Plant-Based: Innovation Dashboard” is Innova Market Insights’ No. 2 Top Ten Trends for 2022 where personal health and global sustainability have proven to be powerful drivers of consumer choice. Plant-based research and development has refocused from mimicking meat, fish and dairy products to improving and diversifying options.

Consumers consider plant-based alternatives to be healthier and better for the planet. The third reason, the desire to change the diet, is the increased interest in plants other than the traditional vegan and vegetarian sectors, resulting in a 59% increase in new plant product launches in the year through August 2021.

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