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Boston, wow! An old American city filled with historical tea parties and colonial wars. However, there are also other interesting things to do when visiting besides looking at old historic buildings that make you remember a high school history class in the United States. Boston has changed over the past two centuries and is now a diverse city with many interesting sites to visit. I’ve been in this town for the past week and can’t get enough of the area. While you’re a tourist at the classic locations, there are also trendy shops to stop by and deli foods to try!

Here is a list of great sites to visit the next time you visit Boston. I recommend getting a train ticket so you can cross the whole city within an hour!

Copley Square

This area of ​​Boston is probably my favourite. There is a beautiful lake within walking distance of many shops and restaurants to relax in. The atmosphere here is whimsical, as the townspeople sing their favorite tunes. There is also the beautiful Trinity Church on the square, which draws attention due to its extravagant architectural design. Copley Square is a must when in town!

Fine Arts Museum

If you are an art lover, this is definitely the place for you! They have a large variety of exhibitions to see – from collections of historical architecture to famous immersive paintings, such as the art of Claude Monet. While I may be biased towards this museum due to my love of JMW Turner’s paintings – which were an ongoing exhibition – all the art here was truly amazing.

Newbury Street

Newbury Street was a great experience because of the famous brownstone architecture that made up the entire row. They also have a large selection of boutiques and small shops which I enjoyed browsing through. In addition to the great shopping scene, there were so many delicious restaurants and snack places that I wanted to try here! Famous bakeries like Levain and Georgetown Cupcake are located here. If you’re not one of the hype, I’ve also seen smaller bakeries to visit, such as Little Miss Cupcape. Don’t forget to stop by the delicious restaurants including yoghurt and bourbon. Or if you want a more casual setting, grab a slice of pizza from Dirty Water Dough.

Faneuil Hall Market

Faneuil Archival Hall, also known as Quincy Market, has a long history. It has evolved from a historic market to a bustling hall. Walking its narrow path, you will see restaurant after restaurant. It also has souvenir shops selling cute trinkets to remember Boston. And who can forget the food? There is a large variety of foods including lobster rolls and mac n cheese. While I love good pasta, I recommend going for dessert at the delicious bakery. Despite being a tourist attraction, it’s well worth a visit – even for a quick photo.

Mike’s pastries

Obviously, I can’t recommend places in Boston if I fail to mention Mike’s famous pastries. If you haven’t heard, they sell rave-worthy cannoli. If you want a taste, you should be prepared to wait in a long line and bring cash. I wouldn’t go far to say it sells the best pastries ever, but if you come to Boston I encourage you to taste it for yourself.

This isn’t all Boston, of course, but just the quickest rundown I can give you. There are still plenty of places I’d like to share, but these are the highlights that stand out to me. Next time you find yourself in Boston, I hope you get a chance to experience all of its wonders!

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