Popular Vietnamese dishes are still unbranded globally

Phu Kim Hanh, President of the Vietnam High Quality Products Business Association, said at a workshop on “Standards and Quality – The Way Leading Vietnam to Be the Kitchen of the World”, imposed by the world food consumption trends. People tend to pay more attention to plant foods, which are good for health and convenient for their life.

Thailand is doing well to meet the demand. Contains instant durian soup that is ready to eat after several minutes of reheating in the microwave. Cooking durian with curry and shrimp attracts diners, while Vietnam sells only fresh durian at VND 25,000 per kilogram.

Thailand is also very good at marketing. The effects you can create with 10 dong on marketing are equal to a Vietnamese spend of 1,000 dong.

This helped Thailand raise $33 billion in processed food exports in 2021.

Experts believe that Vietnam can also do this. Bui Thi Song, deputy director of the Center for the Conservation, Research and Development of Vietnamese Culinary, said that Vietnamese dishes are very popular.

Song, when he was running a tourism promotion program in Sweden, was asked by a TV station program about the similarities and differences between Vietnamese and Thai food. They were surprised because many restaurants sell Thai stuffs and spices, but it was hard to find Vietnamese food.

Under the program, her group prepared 36 dishes in a 5-star hotel in Sweden, and people responded enthusiastically to her. People lined up at the photo booth to wait their turn to be served with pho. One guest told her that this was his third bowl of faux pas.

When Song went to the United States, she was surprised to see a bowl with it three times larger than usual. I realized that American people love faux pas, so they want big bowls.

A culinary expert said he once ran a catering program in India. The Vietnamese booth was always crowded. Thai officers visited the Vietnamese booth to enjoy the food.

vietnamese pride

Vietnam is a powerhouse in agricultural products. It has a wide range of specialties and typical local dishes. However, as Shim Thanh Long, Director

Vietnam Culinary Conservation and Research and Development Center said many people know pho, cha gio and bun cha and say the dishes are very good but Vietnam still doesn’t have big and famous brands.

He noted that many products are praised in the world market, but they do not “grow” in the domestic market. He thinks the problem is the ads. In some cases, producers believe that their products are well known to all people, and there is no need to advertise.

“We have to spread the products from packaging to development, and even show how to process to get the best food. With that in mind, Vietnam will have brands for its food.”

Nguyen Quoc Tuan, head of the Agricultural Products and Markets Development Authority, said that foreigners seek Vietnamese food to experience, while overseas Vietnamese seek Vietnamese food out of nostalgia.

Vietnam has many specialties and many Vietnamese still have not tasted all the specialties. It is therefore necessary to promote Vietnamese food so that the food becomes a source of Vietnamese pride.

He agrees that Vietnam should learn a lot from Thailand, from its street food culture to sales.

Regarding the food industry and agricultural economy in Vietnam, Pham Chi Lan, a respected economist, said farmers are upset about having to invite people to buy their produce due to oversupply.

Lan hopes that Vietnam will become the kitchen of the world, but he said that before doing so, it must be the kitchen of the Vietnamese people. Then it will be easier to sell products on the world market.

“You can reach the global market after you serve the Vietnamese people well,” Lan said.

Experts all agree that Vietnam is weak in communication and marketing and needs to be done in a more systematic and professional manner. It is necessary to take full advantage of social media to popularize products quickly. However, instead of saying “the minister visited our business,” entrepreneurs should tell stories about their products.

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