Predict which Vancouver restaurants will get Michelin stars

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The city will host the European Food Guide for the first time in its history

Vancouver foodies rejoiced this week when it was announced that the Michelin Guide would be coming to the city for the first time ever.

Toronto announced the same two months ago (because they did, of course) and will become the first Canadian city to receive that honor when the stars are handed out in September.

But with Vancouver set to host the world’s best culinary guide – albeit through a process the public doesn’t always understand – we thought we’d try to predict which Vancouver restaurants might find themselves featured by the world’s most famous culinary establishment.

Let’s go to it.

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St. Lawrence

Since its inception in 2017, St. Lawrence and its chef JC Poirer have amassed more appliances than Home Depot. Always busy and always in demand, the French restaurant has been the toast of the city for a few years now. It recently ranked third on the list of Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants (we’ll get to number one below), and it looks like the shoes of a star or two.

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The one thing St. Lawrence might oppose is that French food isn’t exactly synonymous with Vancouver. Boulevard does not have this problem. This downtown gem focuses on seafood – often with an Asian twist – which may help when Michelin investigators look for restaurants that represent the city.

It is worth noting that when Michelin came to another city on the west coast of Los Angeles, Asian cuisine prevailed. This, combined with the emphasis the Michelin Guide often places on playing service to Boulevard’s strengths.

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Being crowned the best restaurant in Canada is nothing to sneeze at. It is said that something close to impossible has been published. With her innovation and ambition, it would be very hard to imagine the publication not getting a star, even if it was a bit quieter than some of the other candidates in town.

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Speaking of which, although Hawksworth is no longer the obvious cream of the crop in terms of fine dining in the city as it was a few years ago, it’s still a strong advocate in terms of service, excellent food, and (especially) wine. It would be annoying if Michelin did not recognize one of the formative restaurants in the city.

Kiza Tanto

Some of the country’s unique cuisine comes from Kissa Tanto’s kitchen in Chinatown. If the Michelin judges are looking for something that stands out from the pack, they will undoubtedly find it here.

Masayoshi / Togo

Michelin certainly recognizes Sushi Vancouver in some capacity, and we feel that one of these locations run by legendary chefs should be highly considered.

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Angus An strong Thai restaurant has been serving innovative dishes in Kitsilano for over a decade now. Although not as flashy as some of the names on this list, they are certainly absolutely delicious.

Oka Pastificio

We’ve only heard great things about this Italian restaurant on Commercial Drive and it has won many accolades since it opened in late 2019. Unfortunately for regular people it’s basically impossible to get in unless you line up at 5pm. harder.

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Former Hawksworth chef Hector Laguna prepares exquisite dishes with the freshest ingredients in the county. Fancy cocktails don’t hurt either.

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Dauphin Donuts

Does Michelin have an “Open 24 Hours” category?

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