Pro-CCP restaurateurs plan to celebrate Shock Day in Hong Kong

BANG BANG Oriental Foodhall, a food court owned by Hong Kong restaurants in north London, recently received a backlash after the restaurant group announced in early July that it would hold its 5th anniversary festive event on July 21.

The incident was greeted with surprise within the UK’s Hong Kong community, as July 21 is a sad day for many Hong Kong residents. Netizens’ suspicions were justified when it was later revealed that the food court’s owners were linked to Heung Yee Kuk NT (HYKNT), a powerful pro-establishment advisory body for rural villages and towns in Hong Kong’s New Territories. The disclosure of this information eventually led to the cancellation of the planned celebration.

Based on information shared by the UK-Hongkonger Group (The White Horses), BANG BANG Oriental Foodhall in the North London Borough of Barnet opened its doors on July 10, 2017.

The white horses were puzzled: Why would the food court choose July 21, a rather sad day for Hong Kong, to celebrate its anniversary?

The fact that the event was scheduled for July 21 raised many doubts.

The Hong Kong group and its followers began to question whether the restaurateurs had “bad faith towards Hong Kong”.

After further investigation, Hongkongers revealed online the close ties between the dining hall’s owners and HYKNT.

Sprinkle salt on Hong Kong’s wounds

July 21 is an annual reminder of one of the most painful memories during the anti-extradition movement of 2019.

On July 21, 2019, more than 500 men dressed in white ran inside Yuenlong Train Station, armed with weapons such as bamboo sticks and pipes. The group, linked to Hong Yi Kook, randomly attacked the passengers at the station.

No one expected the attack. Some people went home after attending a meeting on Hong Kong Island that day. The White Triads were striking with their guns every passenger they saw. Several people were infected, including journalists, a LegCo board member, and a pregnant woman. Millions of Hong Kongers witnessed one of the most terrifying events in the live broadcast. Not many people understood why the group of men beat up defenseless and innocent civilians.

Men in white shirts carrying poles talk to riot police in Yuen long after anti-extradition bill protesters are attacked at a subway station in Yuen Long, Hong Kong, July 22, 2019 (REUTERS/Tyrone Siu)

Who was responsible for the 721 attack?

After the attack, local news agencies reported that the white-shirted trio members were summoned by an official from the Hong Kong liaison office. In a leaked video, the official asked HYKNT members to expel any protesters who would appear in Yuen Long that night.

Junius Hu Kuan Yew, a member of the LegCo (LegCo), was recorded shaking hands with the attackers that evening. He is known for his pro-CCP stance and connection to the local trio.

In the video, Hu thanked the white-clad attackers and praised them for their “good job”. That same week, local Trinity members vandalized Hu’s father’s grave site, failing to pay them in full for the job they did on July 21, 2019.

In the Yuen Long 721 attack, civilians trapped in the MTR subway station called the police dozens of times. The police never responded. They closed their doors to innocent citizens and closed their contact with anyone who called for help that night.

And the media asked at a press conference whether the Hong Kong police orchestrated the attack together with the local gangsters. Although the police spokesperson denied the claim, the press caught the police on friendly terms with men in white outside HYKNT’s office in Yuen Long.

The followers of the White Horses believed that anyone who would celebrate this traumatized day would be someone involved in the attack.

The owner of ‘Bang Bang’ is a member of HYKNT

The White Horses reports that Dynasty Group operates BANG BANG Oriental Foodhall. The group’s owner, Lam Du Ming, once served on HYKNT’s external advisory committee. Lam is also a current member of Heung Yee Kuk’s London office.

The White Horses called Lam “a butcher for the Hong Kong government and the Chinese Communist Party, which always stands against Hong Kong.”

Besides the food court, The White Horses has also listed several of the dim-sum restaurants in which the Dynasty Group operates.

After the news spread on social media, BANG BANG announced the cancellation of the scheduled event. They stated that the “reason for cancellation” was that they had other public engagements on the said day, July 21, 2022.

White Horses’ organizer said the group had never intended to play the role of “investigators”. However, they believed that Hong Kong residents in the UK should know how bad the CCP infiltration is. The group wanted to warn others to stay alert and away from the strong influence of the Chinese Communist Party abroad.

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