Production Efficiency in Companion Baking

A new Companion Baking robot on pallets – called Bruce Banner (also known as The Incredible Hulk) by employees – enables this innovative St. Louis bakery to achieve a higher level of production efficiency and equipment sophistication.

Companion’s latest projects have allowed them to carve out a unique position as a mid-size bread distributor with extensive customization capabilities. With semi-automation and tools like Redzone, the baking company is able to produce around 150 different volumes, five days a week, in an orderly and efficient manner—all in a 42,000-square-foot floor space.

As part of her role in supervising and training new team members, Operations Manager Suman Shakkar has made it a goal to bring new production technologies and processes to the bakery grounds. I’ve discovered that semi-automation allows Companion team members to personally interact with the larger production process, while making their lives easier and safer.

“In order to help grow the company, we needed to open our ears to the existing technology,” Shekar says. “With all the technology around us now, we are able to create opportunities every time we move forward.”

Some of the major game-changing technologies in Companion include:

As one of the largest and fastest growing manufacturing technology companies in teamwork and productivity on the front lines, Redzone has opened the eyes of the entire Companion team to the need for updated production processes. Suman is able to track Companion efficiency against Standard. Every time dough is made, sliced, or put in the oven, Redzone keeps track of timing and provides ways for the team to improve. In addition, it has served as a communication tool for employee preparation and professional development.

Since this realization, Companion has reduced its annual waste by more than £1 million in just 2.5 years and is making strides to reach zero waste to landfill by 2025.

On top of that, shipping to over 400 restaurants, grocery stores, and partners is no small feat. The green companion robot helps move loads on pallets and lift heavy loads, working around the clock so that labor can be distributed to other areas of the bakery floor.

“Sure, as we move more into frozen product manufacturing, this system gives us a tremendous amount of transparency, which is critical to communicating with our customers,” says Companion founder Josh Allen. “This system also doesn’t stay static. In general, we are about 70% to 80% of where we want to be. This system is a huge tool for us. I was amazed at the transparency we can offer to clients – through traceability and our ability to fine-tune the supply chain. “.

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