Qantas chef Neil Berry reveals the most popular dishes on board

Of the hundreds of recipes that Qantas prepares each year, one dish is the most requested—and it might not be what you think.

If you were to guess the most popular Qantas dishes – out of the hundreds they make annually – what would it be?

It may not be everyone’s first guess, but it really is soup.

But this isn’t just soup, it’s a zucchini and basil soup made by celebrity chef Neil Berry—so you know it’s going to be full of flavour.

The Australian restaurateur, who also happened to be in charge of coordinating Qantas’ menus, told that demand for the dish has always been very high.

“Maybe we’ve had more people write a recipe for this simple, beautiful soup than any other dish,” Berry said.

And he would be right. Over the years, travel bloggers have craved the dish and called it the “best” food on the plane.

“Best soup I’ve had on the plane and the bread was very nice, and it tasted just like an American Boudin Sourdo,” one Australian traveler wrote in an Instagram post.

“Good job Qantas!”

Along with a screenshot of the dish, another blogger wrote, “Airplane food isn’t so bad when you get pepesaya butter feat. Italian Zucchini Soup with Parmesan Cheese #Qantas Food.”

“Not quite the Nigella sativa” the soup has great flavor and a bit of texture, she said, “although it might be a little hotter.”

“The toasts were plentiful, fairly plentiful and not too brittle so they ended up getting soggy pretty quickly,” the food blogger said in a comment.

Served with green leaf salad and a wonderful merlot vinaigrette. Sourdough and rye bread were served but I wasn’t hungry enough to try them.”

Berry, who owns restaurants including Rockpool Bar & Grill and Margaret, also revealed Qantas chief Alan Joyce’s favorite meal.

“[It’s] An old rockpool dish that we bring back maybe every two or three years is in popular demand,” Berry said.

“It’s a beautiful fish boiled in coconut milk with garam masala, almost like a very light Indian curry.

“So this was incredibly popular.”

Another favorite is a Jiangxi-style fish brought from the modern, Chinese-inspired Spice Temple restaurant nearly 15 years ago.

“It’s a great piece of salty pepper – so it’s a little spicy, but it has a lovely sweet sesame sauce and we steam it in cabbage leaves and then serve it with rice.

“And this is a really great dish.”

Perry is the airline’s creative director of food, beverage and service, and said they make approximately 750 recipes onboard annually.

“So you’re extrapolating that over 25 years and there’s a whole lot of recipes that we’ve started with.”

He often shares a lot of recipes saying it’s a “good sign” that people are enjoying the food.

Qantas recently added an Italian touch to the list of flights between Australia and Italy.

On the flight from Perth to Rome, those lucky enough to be seated at the pointed end of the plane can have dishes including zucchini and basil sole soup with Parmesan croutons, spaghetti with prawns, a garlic and chili dish, and tiramisu for dessert.

On the way back to Australia from Rome, their signature menu includes bucatini all’ amatriciana, grilled fish with Peperonata, pine nuts, basil, mozzarella bufala, finocchiona salumi, anchovies and artichokes.

Those in the economy can look forward to the braised wagyu beef with broccoli, carrots, fine polenta, rosemary, garlic, sea salt, and olive oil.

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