Rawnaissance bakery owner Vegan posted a GoFundMe to save business

Rawnaissance’s vegan sweet shop is in trouble.

Slovakian native and owner Barbora Schneidmann spent weeks getting ready for the table at Bluegrass VegFest earlier this month. But the night before the festival started, she contracted COVID-19.

Instead of the sales she had hoped for at the festival, Schneidman was unable to attend and had to close Rawnaissance, 1759 Bardstown Road, for several days.

On Tuesday, a GoFundme campaign posted $20,000 to save the business. As of this writing, the fund has raised just over $7,800.

“Those of you who know me a little bit know that I am a fiercely independent being and rarely ask for help,” she wrote. “But I’m single and lonely at work, I don’t have rich parents, and I’ve already sold everything of value I have to pump Rawnaissance more and more money it needs to stay afloat. A pile of bills and you need inventory to keep going. Any amount of money you can contribute from It would help you!”

German Chocolate Cake at Rawnaissance Desserts.

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The pandemic affected Rawnaissance just like any other restaurant or café. Nutrient staple recipes like nuts and coconut cream, vital for making vegan desserts, have been doubled. Schneidmann absorbed the cost herself rather than raising candy prices.

“It is not easy, and certainly not cheap, to devise a good-tasting product that is free of cheap fillers and artificial ingredients,” she wrote. “I’d love to keep doing that. But for now, I need your help to keep creating delicious, beautiful, and healthy dishes for all of Louisville and beyond.”

She explained in the post that the initial target amount would allow Rawnaissance to keep track of bills and expenses and keep doors open. Anything raised above that goal will enable her to hire kitchen help and expand the list.

Slice of cake with cream and cookies at Raonesance sweets.

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Shneydman opened Rawnaissance in 2013 in the Highlands, originally focusing on cakes and pies. Eventually, the offerings expanded to include gelato, sundae, and other desserts. The GoFundMe announcement comes just two weeks after Angela Pike, owner of gluten-free Silly Ax Cafe, posted a fundraiser to save her business. Both business owners cited exorbitant specialty food costs as a contributing factor to their plight.

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