Readers say these countries have the best food in the world

It is not uncommon for people to travel just to taste the food of another country. In fact, this is one of the reasons why so many people travel. Although every country around the world has its own unique food, others stand out and are often seen as the best. In the meantime, figuring out which country is the best is not easy. Sometimes, it may not be accurate because the conclusion may come from one person. But when it comes from readers, it is persuasive and engaging. With that in mind, here are countries around the world that have the best food according to our readers.

10 Italia

People not only visit Italy because of its rich history but also because of its delicious food. There is no denying how amazing Italian food is. Although some of the popular foods that originated in this country have spread to other parts of the world, the best of these foods can only be found here. Pizza is a must-try food in Italy, especially for those in Naples because it is where the delicacy originated. Ribollita, Risotto, and Gelato are some of the other must-taste foods in Italy.


9 Thailand

Other countries may outperform Thailand in many ways, but when it comes to street food, Thailand has no competitor. This Asian country is the true definition of a street food destination. In almost every part of the country the streets are lined with stalls and restaurants serving a variety of foods ranging from noodle soup (Guay Teow) to rice porridge (Jok) and even fried noodles. Thai food is also one of the healthiest foods in the world as many popular foods contain a lot of vegetables. Som tam – One of the country’s popular foods is a salad meal consisting of papaya, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, garlic and fish sauce.

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8 Greece

One would think that Greece only offers so many archaeological sites, but this European country offers so much more. One of its most attractive offerings is its delicious food. Greece has a wide variety of dishes to taste. First of all, Greek coffee is one of the best in the world. The best olive oil is also found in Greece, and it is used in the preparation of the majority of meals. This not only makes them attractive to the eyes, but also delicious. While in Greece, first taste the coffee before trying the moussaka – a dish of meat and potatoes. Greece is also rich in seafood and a lot of appetizers like – baklava and cakes.

7 Mexico

Mexico is a food paradise that features a variety of delicacies, many of which consist of corn-loving tortillas. Many foods known in different parts of the world originated in this country. Taco is one such food and although there are different versions of tacos now known to the world, Taco Al Pastor is the most delicious. This dish consists of corn tortillas, pineapple, and pork and is often served with onions. Huevos Rancheros is another delicious food that you can try in Mexico. This breakfast dish features fried corn tortillas, fried eggs, refried beans, and hot sauce. There are also different types of Enchiladas in different parts of Mexico and this is just the tip of the iceberg as there are dozens of other foods to try in Mexico.

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6 Spain

Spanish food usually consists of vegetables and olive oil as the country is the largest food producer in the world. Spain is big on seafood, meat, potatoes and vegetables. Paella is the national dish of Spain and is a rice dish made of olive oil, vegetables, chicken/rabbit or pork and many other ingredients that combine to create a rich appearance and delicious flavour. Besides Paella, other dishes to try in Spain include – Tortilla Espanola – a Spanish omelette, and Pulpo Gallega – an octopus dish. And there’s more.

5 Vietnam

Seafood is a popular food in Vietnam as the country contains many fishing villages. But Vietnam isn’t all about seafood. In fact, the great variety of food in the country will leave visitors confused. Like many Asian countries, noodle soup is popular in Vietnam, and it’s a great place to start your food exploration. This Vietnamese noodle soup is called Pho and consists of herbs, chicken or beef. After tasting the country’s national dish, one can proceed to try some of the snacks like – spring rolls and baguette. There are different types of rice dishes that you can try as well, and while some are made of chicken, others are made of beef or pork.

4 India

India combines the cooking methods of several neighboring countries to create a food scene unlike any other in the world. Indian street food is also very attractive. While walking through some of the streets, be sure to try at least one curry dish as it is the most popular food in the country. Rice is popular in the country and this has given rise to many wonderful rice-based dishes. One thing to note about Indian food is that it contains a lot of spices so prepare for the heat.

3 philippines

Food in the Philippines is not only delicious but also affordable. One can eat their way across the entire country with just a few dollars. In the Philippines, be prepared to eat a lot of Silog because it is the most loved breakfast in the entire country. This is a rice-based dish that mainly consists of fried rice, fried eggs and other food items depending on the type of silog being prepared. Fine dishes to try while in the Philippines include – Chicken Inasal – grilled chicken; Sinigang – fish stew and Sinigang – spinach and tomato stew served with rice.

2 Germany

Beer isn’t the only thing Germany is famous for. The country also features some of the tastiest food in the world. Besides many types of sausages one can try in the countryside, meat dishes are some of the popular foods to try. Sauerbraten is a popular meat dish, to begin with. The food consists of meat, vinegar, wine and herbs and is usually served with cabbage and mashed potatoes. For snack lovers, there are dozens of delicious fast foods all over the streets to get one’s mouth moving at all times. Kartoffelpuffer – fried pancake is a great snack that you should not miss while in the country and other things to try – Brezels, beef rolls and German chocolate cake.

1 United State

The United States is one of the most diverse countries in the world and so is its food. Across its 50 states, there are many delicacies that differ from each other. Food in different parts of the country is also influenced by the product that is prevalent there. In Texas, for example, beef is very popular because it is a large beef producer while in Idaho, potatoes are a staple. This also applies to many other states across the country. Some like Georgia and New Orleans offer a unique food scene that has been created as a result of a mixture of different cultures around the world. Although one cannot say that these foods originated from such countries, they still form part of the country’s food scene. Some of the top food destinations in the United States include – New Orleans, New York, Miami, Savannah, and New York.

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