Red Lobster, other restaurants serving summer seafood dishes

Red Lobster is one of several US restaurant chains launching new seafood dishes this summer.

While the chains feature shrimp on their limited time menus, USA-based Red Lobster recently introduced the Crunch-Fried Flounder sandwich.

The sandwich, available for a limited time, features hand-blended fish fillets, tartar sauce and coleslaw with a choice of one side, in Chew Boom.

A Red Lobster spokesperson did not respond to a SeafoodSource request for comment.

Meanwhile, California Pizza Kitchen based in Costa Mesa, California, USA, offers two seafood dishes on its summer menu: Cioppino seafood and salmon with roasted summer vegetables.

CPK’s version of the classic Italian seafood dish Cioppino includes blue mussels, calamari, white fish, bay scallops, and shrimp in a white wine tomato broth with fennel, garlic, and fresh basil.

Meanwhile, Salmon with Roasted Summer Vegetables includes North Atlantic salmon roasted on a cedar board and served with potato fingerlings, seasonal cherry tomatoes, charred onions, and peppers.

Brian Sullivan, Senior Vice President of Culinary Innovation at CPK, said in a press release.

Meanwhile, Bonefish Grill based in Tampa, Florida, USA has rolled out a limited-time dish: shrimp rangoon topped with salmon. Wood-grilled salmon rangoon is topped with creamy shrimp and finished with panko breadcrumbs and sweet chili sauce.

Shrimp is the star On many summer menus in many restaurants, the cost of shrimp farming has remained relatively stable compared to other seafood and other proteins.

Louisville, Kentucky, USA-based Long John Silver, for example, Recently launched Coconut Popcorn Shrimps. Customers can order fresh shrimp at Snackbox, Combo Fish and Coconut Popcorn Shrimp Platter, or $10.00 (€10.00) Sea-Share or Family Feast.

Similarly, Red Lobster which operates more than 700 restaurants, Grilled bacon grilled shrimp dish rolled As part of the Summerfest Show.

Skewer fire-grilled shrimp, topped with sweet and smoky BBQ sauce, topped with crunchy bacon and spring onions, then served over orzo with your choice of one side. It can be ordered as part of “3 Red Lobster courses for $18.99 (€18.99)”, when paired with soup or salad and individual appetizers.

Skewers of red Argentine shrimp, grilled over a fire and served over orzo and a choice of sides, are also included in Red Lobster’s Summerfest.

Mexican restaurant chain Qdoba Unveils Citrus and Lemon Shrimp A limited time promotion, using BAP certified shrimp, earlier this summer.

Photo courtesy of California Pizza Kitchen

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