Republican mocks abortion with ‘breakfast taco’ comparison

Not to be outdone by Senate Republicans who spent yesterday’s hearing on abortion issues talking about the horrors of transphobia, House Republicans spent the day trying to spoil their abortion hearing.

First of all, a minority witness called by Republicans to testify as an “expert” was none other than Irene Morrow Hawley, aka the wife of traitorous Senator Josh Hawley, who helps run the Freedom Defense Coalition, a far-right Christian advocacy group. At one point, she argued that forced childbirth was a “feminist” because “children can be female too.” This is the kind of nonsense we’re dealing with here.

Things got worse when it came time for Republican Representative Judy Hayes to ask questions of witnesses. If you’re unfamiliar with Hice, he’s one of the House Republicans who was recently revealed to have attended a strategy meeting dedicated to pressuring Mike Pence to cancel the 2020 election. He also should have absolutely no say in regulating our reproductive rights, as he exaggeratedly explained during this session .

“Is there a case of a woman giving birth to something that is not human, a child?” Hayes asked the witnesses. “Like, I don’t know, a turtle, or as our first lady suggested, a breakfast taco? I mean there Which example where [something] Other than a born human? “

By the way, the breakfast taco comment seems to refer to the remarks Jill Biden made this week about bodgas and breakfast tacos representing the Hispanic variety. While the line was weird and misleading and she’s since apologized, she didn’t actually say Taco was a person or anything to that effect. It’s clear that Hayes is just trying to get her blow into a no-nonsense place.

Not that the rest of his comments make any more sense than that. He is clearly trying to deceive the witness into acknowledging some version of “life begins at conception” because if a person does not give birth to a turtle, and the fetus or fetus will always turn into a human, then all fetuses and even fetuses are themselves human beings, right? It’s a false and scientifically false account, and Fatima Joss Greaves, president and CEO of the National Center for Women’s Law, told him so.

“Well, there are certainly cases where people are stillborn—” begins before Hiss cuts it, asking them to see if this “is still a person, isn’t it?” We’re already getting dangerously close to that Republican simplistic “What is a woman?” interrogation line.

Joss Graves brings up the issue of viability and Hess seems angry, shouting that viability does not define character in his eyes because – according to lack of knowledge and experience – a fetus that cannot exist outside the womb is still a person like the one who cannot survive Life without insulin is a person. “Does this mean we should kill someone who can’t live without insulin?” He asks her.

(I would point out that as absurd as this analogy is, Hayes recently voted against a bill that would cap the cost of insulin at $35 at a time when one in four Americans would be forced to ration or skip insulin doses because of the cost. So I think the answer is yes, Hice thinks it’s okay to kill these guys.)

While this is a good time for questions, Goss Graves doesn’t actually have much of a chance to answer any of them, because everything Hice portrays as a question is really just an opportunity for him to interrupt her and talk about “character.” But what you are going to say is strong and 100% accurate.

“I really hope people will watch today, because the question on the table is definitely about abortion,” she says. “But actually, the conversation you’re having is about contraception, about in vitro fertilization, and it’s about a much larger set of questions.”

we’ve got I already saw this playwith people denied access to contraceptives in response to Dobbs rule and Provides for the introduction of new bills of “personality” To completely ban the things that Joss Graves has mentioned. It was clear from the start that a ban on abortion was never the end goal of people like Hayes, who are bent on controlling our bodies in any way possible.

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