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OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) – With Omaha’s amazing menu of restaurants, diners can find great meals any day and time of the week. But there are some extra special occasions that are only available at specific times, and are so memorable that their availability makes foodies clear their schedules and mark their calendars ASAP.

These are five Omaha restaurant events that any Omaha foodie should experience at least once.

Dan Hobin


Any meal at Yoshitomo is special, because the nigiri and sushi rolls will forever change the way you look at other sushi restaurants. But there’s nothing quite like Omakase, a 2-3 hour dinner with 4-6 people where James Beard-nominated Chef David Utterback slices and serves 15-20 plates of sushi and nigiri right in front of you.

The courses, which change between each meal depending on what fish Yoshitomo contains and what is inspiring the Utterback at the moment, are incredible. The fish is so fresh it tastes like it’s been swimming five minutes before serving, and Utterback includes innovative courses like rice foie gras for sushi and unni on sourdough with brown butter.

But the real fun is enjoying your intimate time with Utterback, who is witty and ready to answer any question. On what other occasion will you spend hours with a nationally known chef? Utterback meticulously explains each course and what makes fish special, and will discuss anything from its culinary beginnings to why the “wasabi” served at most sushi restaurants is a farce. If there is one meal in Omaha that simply must be tried, it is this one.

Where/How to test: Book your place when reservations become available here.

Nice Rolls Spicy Bulgogi Burger

Dan Hobin

Nice Rolls

Near the end of each month, Nice Rollz owner Christina Lee sends a burger bat sign on Instagram, opening the door for an epic burger pop-up night (which usually happens on the last Sunday of the month). What started out as a fun, well-known secret has exploded into a coveted event with a cult following that sells out subscriptions in a matter of hours (or less).

Unlike any other burger in town, this burger causes the followers of the Nice Rollz Instagram account to faithfully follow the subscription announcement. A perfect blend of sweet and spicy, the burger features a spiced bulgogi patty, pickled cucumber, chili cheese, gochujang mayonnaise, and a glistening liquid egg that exudes yolk qualities all over. It’s one of the best burgers in Omaha and it’s definitely worth marking the calendar.

Where/How to test: Archetype Coffee (Little Bohemia website); Signups are announced on Nice Rollz’s Instagram page.

Chicory Popped Periya Chicken Curry Quesadilla

Dan Hobin

Dandelion Pop-Up . Window

The arrival of spring means warmer weather, daylight, and the arrival of Friday brunch at Dandelion Pop-Up. Each week, a different chef, cook, or restaurateur in Omaha takes over the cottage-sized snack building on the thirteenth and Howard and creates a unique menu. Meals range from fried chicken to lobster rolls, Italian beef sandwiches, epic burgers, and much more, and make up the menu from Omaha’s greatest chefs, including Jessica Joyce Urban and Paul Urban (Block 16), Tim Nicholson (The Boiler Room), Glenn Wheeler (Spencer’s for Steaks & Chops), to name a few.

But what really makes fun of it is the collective feeling it inspires. While you can have your meal ready, most diners choose to eat at the tables and chairs on site. Seeing and eating next to new people allows you to share experiences and make friends. The Dandelion brings the food-loving community of Omaha closer together.

Where/How to test: Visit Dandelion Pop-Up at 13 and Howard on Fridays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Dante Wood Roasted Bison Loin with Roasted Tomatoes and Gnoccho

Dan Hobin


Whether you’re getting wood-fired pizza or handmade pasta, any meal at Dante’s is a special one. But once a month, Dante offers a five-course tasting menu in which each course is expertly paired with a glass of wine that matches the flavor of the dish.

The food alone is phenomenal, with Dante’s tasting menus featuring overly seasonal ingredients. The menu tells a story, as it takes diners by hand through a series of entertaining mugs for seafood preparations to pasta, protein and dessert. Certified Italian wine professional and Dante Sommelier Adam Weber selects the perfect glass of wine to match each course’s flavor profile, making each month’s meal memorable.

Where/How to test: Sign up on the Dante website.

Roast Beef Rib with Porky Butt

Dan Hobin

Porky Pots BBQ

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to eat like Fred Flintstone? Porky Butts BBQ offers you the opportunity to find out.

Oftentimes, award-winning BBQ’s serve up their own beef. Bones included, these tasty monster clocks in at over two pounds, with nearly a pound of rich, fatty meat. It’s the perfect kind of sin: Fat runs through the beef and adds extra flavor to every bite, while salt creates perfect bark on the outside.

This meal is so popular that lines usually start forming well before Porky Butt opens at 11am, so be sure to arrive early…and hungry.

Where/How to test: Follow Porky Butts on Facebook to monitor when the private appears

What food event in Omaha would you put on your calendar? Let me know what I need to try by sending a message to dan_hoppen on Instagram or danhoppen on Twitter.

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