Restaurant review: China Bistro near Ocean Springs MS

The beef lo mein at China Bistro in Saint Martin.

The beef lo mein at China Bistro in Saint Martin.

Exclusive to the Sun Herald

The China Bistro in Ocean Springs is just the kind of locally owned and operated business that we should all nurture.

It is a family business that has been around for over ten years and has a strong following of customers who speak highly of the food and service. The food is so good that some customers come twice a week, and everyone comments on the freshness and taste of the food.

The menu is a classic blend of regional Chinese dishes and popular Chinese-American favourites. Some people view American Chinese food as not being original, but what innovative Chinese chefs have developed over the years is nothing more than an adaptation to American tastes, and dismissing them is absurd. Who looks at spaghetti and meatballs, the classic Italian-American dish so popular across the United States?

Tso’s chicken, crab rangoon, beef and broccoli, and pepper steak are great innovations, even if you can’t find them in China, and they are best sellers in the United States. There are seven entrees, and as always, I can easily make a meal out three or four of them. What’s better than crunchy egg rolls and a delicious dipping sauce? I will also go for the dumplings, and just for fun, I have to try Bistro Wings.

The next category on the list is lo mein, which is another category of favourites. Lo mein is pasta with fried eggs, and it can be eaten with all the regular accompaniments – vegetables, beef, chicken, pork shrimp or a combination. There is something irresistible about fried noodles. Add an order of ground dumplings to a steamer pot of lo mein and you’ve got a feast.

There are also a handful of fried rice bowls, sweet and sour proteins, and a few soups. But don’t forget to make room for appetizers, there are twenty-four to choose from. My favorites include:

  • Szechuan chicken, with hot sauce and vegetables,
  • Cashew chicken, with homemade brown sauce
  • Beef steak with peppers with onions and peppers

There are also five choices of seafood, I’ll go with Happy Family. It’s made with shrimp, chicken, and beef with vegetables in the famous brown sauce. The list ends with some vegetarian dishes, and if you’re so inclined, go with the tofu.

The menu at China Bistro is ideal for family-style dining. There is more camaraderie eating this way, and you get to taste dishes you might not be able to try.

Check out China Bistro soon, and remember, at least for now, it’s takeaway only.

If you go to China Bistro

Tabuk: 6616 Washington Ave., Ocean Springs

hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., to go only

Telephone number: (228) 875-5913

The beef lo mein at China Bistro in Saint Martin. Julian Brant Exclusive to the Sun Herald

China Bistro.jpg
Steamed dumplings at China Bistro in Saint Martin, Julian Brent Exclusive to the Sun Herald

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