Previous Y-Live concerts have been held on YSU’s campus in Stambaugh Stadium, but this year’s concert is in downtown Youngstown.

This means an increase in foot traffic as more people converge at bars and restaurants in the city centre.

On the strip at Federal Plaza, restaurant and bar owners are preparing.

At Avalon Pizzeria, the owner ready for a big crowd, people booked tables ahead of time at a favorite restaurant and bar on Federal Street.

The owner tells us that Avalon has added pepperoni wraps, appetizers and takeaway pizza for people who haven’t made advance reservations but would like to enjoy some great food and drinks.

“Hot and ready for people who can’t wait for pizza, so come get a pizza. It’s ready, you can walk out the door. We make the slices we don’t usually do in the evening,” said Avalon owner Anne Masulo Sabella.

At Whistle and Keg on Federal Street, you can pay to get a wrist band and pour your own craft beer, mead, and more without waiting for someone to serve you and your friends.

“We got more canned beer, aluminum cans, Coors lite, bud lite, and seltzer for people who like to spend their time on the yard. We have about 48 taps, and plenty of spare kegs,” said new owner Mike Eberis. .

The owner of The Federal is ready for a much bigger crowd on Saturday, excited about the extra work and foot traffic as about 20,000 people gather in Youngstown to enjoy Luke Bryan’s concert.

“We serve burgers, sandwiches, wraps, appetizers and salads, and we obviously have full bar service, so we touch on doing what we do best,” said the owner of the Federal Hotel Sofia Martini.

Jacob Harver who has worked in concerts before is also ready with Youngstown Pedicab to take you from restaurants downtown to the concert or from the concert to your truck or car.

Harver charges about $5 for short trips and people usually add a bonus.

The scooter weighs about 500 pounds and has multiple gears for getting around the Covely Center and parking spaces.

Harver has served up Y-Live concerts where Blake Shelton has played in Florida Georgia Line in previous years.

“Things are getting really crazy,” Harver said. “I think tonight should be a particularly exciting night.”