REVIEW: Celebrating the reopening of Disneyland’s Blue Bayou with Classic Monte Cristo, new entrées, and Blood Orange Mint Julep

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The Blue Bayou restaurant in Disneyland Park’s New Orleans Square reopened after being closed for six weeks for renovation, and we’ve reconsidered it for a review.

Our reporter Charly Shelton has plenty of thoughts on his dining experience in our YouTube video review, which you can watch below, and keep scrolling for photos and more info.

Masonry walls currently line the interior of the bayou, blocking the usual view of Pirates of the Caribbean – which remains closed until July 1.

We stopped in for lunch, but the lunch and dinner menus are the same.

We got the seasonal mint julep, hearts of palm, Monte Cristo and seasonal salad.

Hearts of Palm Escape – $13

Peppers, tomatoes, olives and cauliflower with paprika sauce

We didn’t know what to expect from this but were pleasantly surprised.

The glossy vinaigrette on hearts of palm and broccoli and pepper salad were the perfect complement to the thick paprika sauce that ran on the side of the plate.

This is a spicy and unexpected dish that has us guessing until the last bite.

Monte Cristo and Seasonal Salad – $29

Fried turkey, ham, and swiss sandwich with fruit salad and seasonal preserves

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This is as classic as mint julep. It’s a longtime favorite that feels like coming home after not visiting Blue Bayou for a while.

It’s a pork, turkey and Swiss sandwich, fried and deep fried and served with preserved berries and English cream, and it’s just perfect.

It’s almost like eating a donut stuffed with cheese and meat and covered in jam.

Even without a view of the Pirates of the Caribbean, this sandwich is worth a trip to the Blue Bayou.

We warmly enjoyed this sandwich and will continue to visit it as long as our travels through the park will allow us.

Mint Julep – $5.50

The seasonal julep with mint was orange. You can get it with a glow cube for $8.50.

This is a fairly straightforward Disney mint julep. The addition of a subtle blood orange color, is almost non-existent. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, it doesn’t bring anything incredibly new to the already beloved classic gulab. It is served in a steel cup, which makes it feel more luxurious than the plastic cup outside the restaurant. We loved it, but the mint juleps at Disneyland are always good and feel like a classic treat.


This restaurant is famous for being inside a cruise, and without the boats passing, some of the grandeur is lost. The food is still amazing and the service great, but the novelty of eating inside the attraction really helped mitigate the price impact. If you really want the full experience, wait to visit the Blue Bayou Restaurant until the Pirates of the Caribbean reopens.

Do you agree with our review of Blue Bayou Restaurant? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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