Rice balls that can last for 100 days at room temperature? Kyoto Corporation makes high protein onigiri

Almost everyone will be eating at least one onigiri in the next 100 days, right?

Onigiri (rice balls) It is a staple in the Japanese diet. Some people eat it nearly every day, and nearly everyone eats it for at least two months.

So, basically, it’s not so much about whether you’re going to eat onigiri, but when, and the answer will definitely be “sometime in the next three months.” So it is very convenient and amazing, you can buy it now Onigiri that will be stored at room temperature and before heating for 100 days.

Call Ishii no Tsukasa NigiriThese long-lasting rice balls are developed by Chiba Prefecture Ishi Food Company And the Minutesthe company that operates the Kyoto Steakhouse Hyakushukuya. What is particularly impressive is that Ishii prides itself on its products that are free of additives, and there are no preservatives listed among the ingredients for the rice balls.

The assortment consists of three types: A piece of meat (spiced like a bowl of hyakoshokuya rice topped with steak and prepared with a mixture of beef and chicken), fried riceAnd the curry.

▼ Kari Ishi no Tsukasa Nigiri

Its 100-day shelf life (from the date onigiri was first made) isn’t the only impressive statistic. Each Ishii no Tsukasa Nigiri also contains Over 10 grams of protein. In addition to promoting them as nutritious, convenient snacks, Ishii and Minets also recommend them as a disaster preparedness supply to help those cut off from the regular food supply maintain their strength.

Onigiri can be prepared by heating it in the microwave or placing it in hot water, after which the manufacturers say they will retain their flavor for another 48 hours as long as the wrap remains unopened.. For those who live in disaster areas with irregular access to electricity or cooking stoves, this means you can prepare enough for two days at a time, and for non-crisis situations, which allows you to prepare onigiri at home before heading out for a day outing or trip Nocturnal camping.

▼ Most onigiri are spherical or triangular, but Ishii no Tsukasa Nigiri is square, to make it easier to separate into pieces and share with others.

Fried Rice and Curry Ishi no Tsukasa Nigiri are priced at 250 yen ($1.85 USD), while steak is the premium option at 300 yen. It can be ordered through the Ishii Food Co. store. Online is here, but if you’re planning to take some with you on your next hike, make sure you don’t get lost in Japan’s wildest mountain passes.

Source: PR Times, IT Media
Top image: PR Times
Enter photos: Ishii Food Co., PR Times
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