Richmond Food News: 14-20 July 2022

simply irresistible

A former therapist turned hairstylist has found her true calling, whipping up sweet treats from carrot cakes to lemon-ricotta cookies. Earlier this week, Chastity Hise revived a closed corner shop in Carver with the opening of Pies and Cakes Bakery. It handles classic baked goods like blueberry muffins, cookies, and cupcakes, plus pizza pops into the mix, too. (Richmond magazine)

unfamiliar market

Northside Farmers Market recently made its debut in a neighborhood that has been considered a food desert for decades. With the goal of creating a central location for nearby residents to purchase local produce while highlighting underrepresented black farmers, the market was founded by members of the Northside Food Access Coalition and embraces an unconventional model, accepting SNAP/EBT benefits and waiving seller fees. (Richmond magazine)

get out of town

For me, summer means road trips, preferably with food and drink in the middle of each trip, and we’ve tracked four edible trips a short drive away. The capital’s drinking den, a Virginia Beach restaurant from Heritage alums pouring plenty of natural wine, a rustic brewery and an Oaxacan-inspired recreation invite you to gasp and go. (Richmond magazine)

Eastern Promise

Writer Stephanie Gans takes us on a journey to a dreamy and delicious destination, Irvington’s seaside retreat The Tides Inn. Turning 75 this year, the history of The Tides includes tales of raging rebellion, whiskey vaults and plenty of crab soup. Note: We also have a consolidated list of additional stops in the area, including a seafood shack run by a fourth-generation waterman and a North Neck outpost at the Church Hill Dear Neighbor Store. (Richmond magazine)

Tis the season

Over the next few weeks, as tomatoes reach their seasonal stride, expect the heirloom fruit to be the talk of the town. From July 18-24, Duke’s Mayonnaise Hot Tomato Summer Tour is back for a second year, with area restaurants showcasing the crop and tangy spices in all their simultaneous glory. Participants – 50 total – range from Shagbark and JewFro to Y Tu Mama and Grisette, so patrons can prepare for a fun week-long celebration of the dynamic duo.

The 2020 Hanover Tomato Festival has been canceled and broken up into smaller events last year, and it returns to Pole Green Park in full force from July 15-16. (Richmond magazine)

Village Garden and Barboursville Vineyards continues their journey forward with their Summer Supper Somm dinner series. (Richmond magazine)

Scoop, there it is

Where did all these national food holidays come from? No proof. Am I going to use National Ice Cream Day on July 17th as an excuse to indulge? definitely.

Virginia Commonwealth University graduate Rebiya Kamara of Ruby Scopes will serve up an exclusive ram-inspired puzzle flavor and a school vibe at the Farmers Market in Caretown from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. (press release)

Longtime great supplier Gelati Celesti is offering individual scoops—look for some surprise menu looks—for free at any of their area locations during their full-day ice cream party.

Scoop Strawberry Street says Celebrate Now, Reap the Benefits Later. Every purchase on that day will be entered into a raffle for a free three-month subscription to the Pint Club.

Westray’s Finest hasn’t announced any National Ice Cream Day specials, but they did announce plans to take the truck out on a few outings to serve community-recommended people who could use a little sugar-making fun.


VPM and PBS teamed up to launch “The Great American Recipe,” a delightful cooking show filmed just outside of Richmond, that gives serious “Great British Bake Off” energy (Richmond Magazine)

Keep things crunchy with Detroit-style ‘za from Secret Squares, the gossipy pop-up pizza on the food scene. (Richmond magazine)

Make beer enthusiasts looking for weekend plans, look no further: Brewtown, USA Brewfest, a full-day event dedicated to local froth, opens July 16 at Richbrau Brewing in Shockoe Bottom.

Union Hill officially welcomed Fat Rabbit Bakery on Wednesday. Enjoying a wave of excited and hungry customers, owner Ellyn Hopper and her crew take a day to restock—look for Hop-tarts, biscuits, and cookies to fill the can again this weekend.

Scott’s Addition’s Longoven is channeling a more casual vibe for summer, rolling out a snack program that gives diners the freedom where they can eat—without having to resend; We suggest patio garden – and what did we say about it.

Although it’s been more than two months since The Answer Brewpub’s birthday, anyone familiar with the usual festivities knows they’ll be setting the calendar now. From September 23-25, the An Bui Pecks Palace celebrates its eighth anniversary with a weekend of festivities.

Chicken Fiesta is expanding its local empire with a sixth location to start spinning roast chicken at 8211 Brook Road in the coming months. (Richmond Business)

Upcoming events

  • Cocktail 101: Tequila and Tacos, The Kitchen Classroom (July 16): Seasoned carpenter and founder of Salt and Acid Beverage Consulting, Beth Dixon, will teach the basics of the liquor trade.
  • Together Vintage Market, The Veil Brewing Co., Ltd. Forest Hill Avenue (July 16): Brewers have taken over the South Side outpost with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project.
  • Pubbin’ & Grubbin’ Food Truck & Brewery Crawl, Scott Addition (July 16): Participating breweries will pour vegan drinks and host food trucks featuring vegan menus.
  • VMFA Art After Hours: Soirée Française, VMFA (July 16): Celebrate France with live music, dance, food and drinks during this late Bastille Day gathering.
  • Cheese and Charcuterie Board Building, The Kitchen Classroom (July 17): Virginia cheesecake owner Sarah Aducci shares her secrets for organizing a cheerful, aesthetically pleasing cheese board.
  • Sol Vigan Moon Market, Hardwood Park Craft Brewery (July 17): A vegan party featuring local vendors and bites.
  • Celebrating the seventh anniversary of Dayum Jam, Morr Donuts, Stir Crazy Cafe (July 19): Swing by any store for a special cake inspired by a special recipe from the passing queer jam and jam company.
  • Red, White & Brews, Libbie Mill-Midtown (July 21): The rescheduled Fourth of July event will feature Auntie Ning’s, Slideways Mobile Bistro, Davverro Gelato, live tunes and ringtones.

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