Roll’d adds new items and broths to your grocery collection

Envelop yourself in a warm embrace of traditional Vietnamese Phở at home with our extensive range of pans and spices from Vietnamese Roll’d.

After launching its first line of authentic Vietnamese items and seasonings in June 2021, new Roll’d items will be available from the World Food Asian aisle in Coles supermarkets and Australian Vietnamese Roll’d outlets.

The move marks a strong entry into the Asian food aisle, with Coles’ data showing that customer appeal in the Asian (Vietnamese) ingredient category continues to grow year on year (nearly 10 percent of the growth in demand for Asian food at Coles). Roll’d’s internal data also indicates a 50 percent increase in brand awareness nationally.

Building on the success of its initial range of bottled sauces, rice paper and vermicelli noodles, Vietnamese Roll’d continues its promise to bring fast, fresh and easy-to-cook meals to Vietnam this winter by:

  • Phở traditional broth for heating and serving chicken, beef, and vegetables (recommended retail price $6.50 each, 500ml);
  • Phở rice noodles, an unmasked blend of rice, tapioca starch, and water (recommended retail price $5.00, 400g);
  • Sweet Vet Sriracha Sauce ($6.00, 375 ml); And the
  • Premium Chili Oil (recommended retail price $8.50, 220g).

Roll’d’s new reheating and serving Soups are ready in just 15 minutes and deliver delicious goodness. Designed to be enjoyed with the new Roll’d Phở Noodles, start your steamy soup adventure by placing the noodles in boiling water, gently flipping the jaws and cooking for 6-8 minutes until tender.

Paired perfectly with lean beef steak, boiled chicken breast or tofu, bring the broth to a boil on the stove, add the selected vegetables and simmer until heated through. Divide cooked Phở noodles into two bowls (or meal prep for tomorrow), top with selected protein, cilantro, green onions, and bean sprouts. It’s best served with lemon and for an extra punch, a healthy chunk of Rolls Sweet Vet Sriracha or Chili Oil.

Following traditional recipes from Mama Hoang’s kitchen, Roll’d Phở is packed with antioxidant-rich spices cinnamon, cardamom and cloves, paired with ginger and shallots to make an aromatic broth full of medicinal properties to aid digestive health and anti-inflammatory.

Nutrition ambassador and nutritionist for Vietnamese Roll’d, Sarah Leong, said hydration during the winter is especially important as a source of fuel and for maintaining a healthy glow from within.

“As the colder weather approaches, everyone starts thinking about soul-warming foods and Vietnamese pho comes to mind,” she said. “Besides warmth, Phở offers a host of health benefits that will aid digestion, moisturize the skin, and generally provide healthy antioxidants to the body.”

Delivering fresh chili flavor, Roll’d’s new seasonings are must-have additions to your pantry arsenal this winter. Warm your soul with our Roald Sweet Veet Sriracha sauce.

Roll’d Sweet Viet Sriracha offers a spicy twist on a family favorite, inspired by the fruity Sriracha peppers. If you’re looking for a roaring fire in your belly, Roll’d’s New Vietnamese Chili Oil is guaranteed to dust off cobwebs and deliver the delicious, vibrant flavors of the vibrant spirit of Vietnam.

Roll’d Vietnamese is committed to sharing Vietnamese street meals, culture, traditions and legacy, and encourages customers with the opportunity to expand their knowledge within their own homes. A ticket to the bustling streets of Ho Chi Min and vibrant Hanoi, Roll’d’s new food and broths invite Australian Vietnamese to further expand their repertoire and create their own Roll’d creations.

Vietnam Roll’d Founder and CEO Bao Hoang said: “In the past 12 months, Roll’d Vietnam’s FMCG total scale has generated more than $3 million (retail value), which is fundamental to business growth and revenue security for our franchisees.” .

“The expansion of Roll’d’s FMCG portfolio marks a milestone for our first steps into the grocery channels; especially as customer appeal in the Asian (Vietnamese) ingredient category continues to grow year on year.”

Scan the QR code on the back of any Vietnamese Roll’d product and go directly to the Vietnamese Roll’d website to explore a range of tutorials and recipe ideas designed to suit different skill levels and nutritional requirements.

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