Rosy wines from Newport Vineyards to Oregon Producers, California

Summer is in full swing and everyone is enjoying island life in a big way. Newport is a city of events and there are a lot of happenings, and a lot of names here. It is time to enjoy the special restaurants that we are very fortunate to have.

Having said that, while we’re out doing whatever it is, summer drinks for adults come to mind. For me, the usual suspects are sauvignon blanc, white burgundy, cold wine, sparkling wine, and rose. I always promote those in the Provence region of France because, in my opinion, they are the standards that all roses stick to, especially those in the Bandol sub-region of Provence. But, with the consuming public finally accepting Rosé wines, wineries around the world are joining the shopping cart. For years, Italians have been making rosa, other regions of France have made great rosés, and Spain creates rosado just to name a few in other regions that make this very popular style of wine. The United States has been inundated with sweet roses for years from Portugal, and then came the white zinfandel, a blush wine. But the Americans graduated happily.

So why gravity? Rosé is a French word meaning pink or pink. For me, that’s the number one attraction, it’s the color. It just symbolizes summer – pink flowers, pink clothes and salmon fish abound. Rosé is usually made from red grapes, but due to the way they are made, they don’t have the body and character of regular red wine, hence the rose pattern is a lighter body, which we look for in summer. They also tend to be lower in alcohol, have good acidity, and give off summery aromas like rose petals, strawberries, and raspberries, rather than earthy.

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