Sailor’s Fish and Chips, a new dining table inside Hooked on Danforth

Sort of a secret: Sailor’s Fish and Chips, a new dining table inside Hooked on Danforth

Kind of a secret: The Donuterie, the handmade donuts from the Lisleville lunch table

Kind of a secret: Heavenly Perugy, a Ukrainian restaurant and food store running out of a church vault

password type: Sea fish and chipsNew dining table at Hooked on the Danforth
You may have heard of it if: I used to say this is my favorite fishmonger in the neighborhood
But you probably haven’t tried it for the following reasons: Until now, they were only open one day a week. Now, fish fry Thursday from 4 pm to 8 pm and Friday from 11:30 am to 8 pm

With seafood, it is almost impossible to hide a substandard product, no matter how skilled the cook is. Whether it’s cured, baked, or deep-fried, rotten fish practically screams out its unwanted presence—and you don’t need an expert palate to notice it. So who do you trust better than some of the city’s best fishmongers to cook up fish delights?

Sailor’s Fish and Chips comes to us from the team behind Hooked on Danforth, a five-year-old outpost of a ten-year-old brand that has become synonymous with quality seafood. Owned by Sean Kinghan and Laura Cleland, the store prioritizes responsible sourcing above all else. This is not just a slogan. For example, if you are going to look for a sadly caught Chilean sea bass, you will be out of luck. Hooked does not stock fish that is unsustainable, out of season, or from unethical sources.

Chef Fred Gunnarson (left) and Sean Kinghan, Co-Chef of Hooked

It just so happens – as with food – that well-sourced seafood is significantly tastier than the alternative. Product quality is evident from the first bite and has been enhanced by the cooking methods of Hooked-based Chef, Fred Gunnarson, who is the main force behind this venture.

Take, for example, the rockfish sourced BC, a bycatch of halibut that has recently enjoyed a boom in popularity in Toronto. Its lean, meaty, flavorful flesh lends itself beautifully to the sailor-fried Southern rockfish fingers. “It’s basically a fried chicken recipe,” Kinghan says. All you need is a quick dredge, buttermilk, and a seasoned flour coating to come out crunchy so you can hear the mixture with every bite. It’s served with honey mustard, creamy homemade mayonnaise, crunchy buttermilk coleslaw, and like nothing else on the menu – fresh Yukon golden fries.

fried southern rock fish

fish fillet oh

Sailor’s narrow menu (four items plus rotating specials) also includes the absolutely stellar filet-o-fish: Pacific cod baked with seasoned panko, fried to perfection, topped with tartar sauce and a sandwich with American cheese in a potato bun. The fish is perfect, the mix is ​​harmonious, but it’s hard to overstate how good this tartar sauce is. Scratch mayonnaise, bread pickles, and tangy, homemade butter combine to form some kind of chemical miracle.

The Lake Erie perch sandwich is another hit. If the above-mentioned cod creation is a bright, refreshing, gentle ray of sunshine, then this is its deeper, moodier and almost smoky counterpart. The inspiration here is the fish fry by the lake. Season the perch with cayenne pepper, paprika, garlic and onion powder, then fry in the skillet for a delicious crunch. There is no sad Mandi fish sandwich to be found on this menu. And this excellent homemade tartare, this time without the bread-and-butter pickles, is featured here with lettuce, tomato, special sauce, and potato cake.

Lake Erie perch sandwich

And Lake Erie perch, no sandwich

There are two prawn rolls alternating, but which one you will get depends on the day. A milder version includes crunchy cucumber, dill, capers, cornichons, celery, and leeks; The spice take is deepened with sriracha mayonnaise, lemon juice, and black leeks.

Fish burgers, fish tacos and – wait for it – escargot poutine are still in the works. And it’s not just the list that’s expanding: For now, you can only get these nautical creations on Thursdays from 4pm to 8pm and Fridays from 11:30am to 8pm, but you’ll see more pop-up days as Sailor’s gets on time. Lake feet. Also, a standalone website is not beyond the realm of possibilities. “We test it out, and see how the neighborhood likes it,” Kinghan says. “So far, so good.” No surprises there.

Nothing shrimpy on this lap

Perfect spread for a fish picnic

Sailor’s Fish and Chips, 1246 Danforth Ave. (Inside Hooked), 416-462-3222, Tweet embed

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