Salt & Straw Ice Cream brings unique flavors to Central Florida

Salt and Straw Ice Cream Shop in Portland, Oregon – Courtesy of Shutterstock – Joshua Rainey Photography

A little over a decade since opening an ice cream van in Portland, Oregon, Tyler and Kim Malik have created a small frozen treat empire that stretches across the U.S.

Kim and Tyler Malik, who are also cousins, are the founders of Salt & Straw.

“We had a dream of creating a space for people to meet,” said Tyler Malik. “They meet their friends and neighbours, learn about the food around them, and we nurture it that way – providing an experience for people.”

The duo felt that ice cream was the perfect thing to bring people together from everywhere.

“We realized really quickly that the ice cream shop is a really great community gathering place where you can come as you are, no matter what your looks, what your political views are, what your food preferences are — there’s always something (that makes you “feel welcome” at an ice store) Cream,” Tyler Malik said.

On top of bringing people together, the Maliks hope to get these people to speak up and be aware of the world around them.

“A really great example is what happened a couple of years ago. We worked with nonprofits up and down the West Coast to talk about food waste,” said Tyler Malik. 3 day old or pills from a brewery that was about to get rid of it. All of these things, we get to play with – fun and interesting elements that make people stop and ask, ‘How did you do that? Why did you do that?’ And it sparks this conversation in a really safe place about (a) really fun and delicious flavor.”

Recently, Salt & Straw opened its Central Florida location in the bustling Disney Springs retail, dining, and entertainment complex. Tyler Malik said it’s important to find the perfect Florida flavors to include in Salt & Straw’s unique ice cream.

“We have to find those interesting stories also in Florida, and we have to add them to our flavors,” he said. “So finding growers who do the guava work. We always work with local coffee roasters – like knowing how we take our foundation, our philosophy of using flavor and flavor making and actually letting this region inform and guide us.”

Salt & Straw has worked with The Walt Disney Company in the past at the company’s Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, California. He said he was happy to join Disney Springs, as it has become a foodie’s dream destination.

“Disney Springs, it’s wild,” Malik said. “(Disney) this, for example, has made a concerted effort to make it a dining experience. And you can even tell how many new restaurants are opening in Disney Springs. It really is insane.”

On the latest episode of The Florida Foodie, Tyler Malik talks about developing unique and funky Salt & Straw flavors, including an all-new fried chicken flavor. He also talks about how his company got a chance to partner with Disney and develop an ice cream subscription service.

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