Salty Paws, an ice cream shop for dogs, opens in Rittenhouse


Flavors at Salty Paws include bacon and peanut butter. The sponsors include everyone who was a very good boy.

Bon Appetit! Dogs are welcome to eat ice cream at the table at Rittenhouse’s new Salty Paws. / Photo by Megan Renee Photography

One of the store’s first diners, Latke previously won an ice cream eating contest and made herself completely at home with peanut butter and cookie sundae. Parker was there with human Chanel Wong to celebrate Gotcha Day with a special tiara and cookie (both available in-store, so you can throw an impromptu dog party). The most luxurious dog dressed in Gucci’s clothes has appeared in Philadelphia and has appeared. (As expected, the pup Arazi – nicknamed me – swarmed.)

From dog parks to “idle hours,” Philly is a city that loves its four-legged friends. Now, the Rittenhouse yard is more dog friendly. Salty Paws – a dog-only ice cream bar and bakery – opened this past weekend and is the perfect place to go if your dog is a very good boy.

Photo by Laura Schwartz

Dogs can grab their favorite treat or drag a fluffy cushioned seat to a dining table in the parlour—many have chosen the floor, but no judgment here. (Ice cream is safe for cats to eat, too, but they probably don’t want to eat in it for obvious reasons.)

Salty Paws offers a variety of lactose-free or goat’s milk ice cream (easier on a dog’s stomach than the sugary dairy ice cream people eat) with flavors ranging from bacon to cheese to aged vanilla. The full toppings bar includes an assortment of dried meat crumbs, baby dog ​​biscuits in different flavors, and yogurt chips. Dogs can savor the flavors before deciding on a treat, although peanut butter seems to be the preferred flavor on opening day.

Dog eating ice cream in salty paws at Rittenhouse Philadelphia

Rittenhouse dog dressed as Gucci has a treat at Salty Paws. Photo by Megan Renee Photography

Originally opened in Rehoboth Beach in 2018, this is the first Philly location and the ninth Salty Paws location overall. At the Rittenhouse opening, franchisee Susan Tretovich said, “The best part about this business is that you get the best side of people. They don’t just buy things for their dogs, they spoil their animals. Everyone is happy.”

That was the draw for Philly store owner Karla Shanesy, who spotted the original Salty Paws on social media and, after more than 30 years as a pharmacist, decided to make a complete change by expanding the franchise. Shanesy has three dogs (and two cats) of her own, and she chose Rittenhouse because “it’s always been dog-friendly, from the garden to outdoor dining. By adding Salty Paws, we’re giving dog owners another way to enhance their day with their best friends.”

Salty Bowes Rittenhouse Square Philadelphia

Dog cakes and other treats at Salty Paws / Photo by Megan Renee Photography

In addition to ice cream, the store sells dog food of all kinds — rawhide bones, loose crackers, decorated cookies, even dog cakes — as well as dog toys, collars, and other accessories. If your dog can’t get enough of their signature frozen treats at the store, they also sell dried ice cream mixes so you can make them at home.

Shanesy plans events like breed get-togethers, ice cream socials and in-store fundraising, as well as dog birthday parties. It’s planning to expand upstairs with an event space as well.

Dog eating ice cream in salty paws at Rittenhouse Philadelphia

Photo via Megan Rene Photography

Salty Paws is located at 211 South 17th Street. Get a single scoop cup for $5, or a spring for a three-scoop dog bowl for $7. Extras are an additional $1.

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