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The following list is for home meals in Genesee County.

Batavia, Corfu and Havenwood Meals locations are now open. To make or cancel reservations, please call (585) 343-1611 to call Batavia and Corfu (585) 343-1611 and (585) 344-1260 for Havenwood.

All lunches contain 1% milk.

The menu has no added salt and low sugar. The list is subject to change.

For more information, contact the Genesee County OFA at (585) 343-1611.

nMondays (Batavia and Havenwood locations open): beef stew, mashed potatoes, broccoli florets, multigrain bread, fruit cocktail.

nTuesday (Havenwood Open): Chef’s choice entree, rice, spinach, whole wheat bread, pineapple chunks.

nWednesday (Havenwood open): cold plate, tuna salad, chickpea and tomato salad, multigrain bread, tropical fruits.

nThursday (Batavia, Corfu, and Havenwood Open): Roast pork with hamburger bun, O’Brien potatoes, whole kernel corn, apple juice, milk day chocolate.

nFriday (Havenwood open): Vitamin C smoothie, chicken rice casserole, Harvard beets, whole wheat bread, canned pears.

Meals are delivered to Livingston County residents age 60 or older, regardless of income who cannot prepare meals for themselves or attend a group meal location. Meal locations are located at Village Building, 74 Genesee St., Avon (open Tuesday through Friday); Dansville United Methodist Church, 5 Chestnut Ave. , Dansville, Boyd & Parker VFW Post, 3 Elm St. Mount Morris, and Wildbriar Estates, 17 Wildbriar Drive, Livonia (all open Monday through Thursday).

The proposed contribution is $3 per meal and the program accepts SNAP (Food Stamp EBT) benefit cards. No one will be deprived of the meal due to their inability to contribute to the proposed contribution.

For more information, call the Livingston County Office of Aging at (585) 243-7520 or (585) 335-1732.

All lunches include margarine and 1% milk.

nMonday: Chicken Paprika with brown rice, carrots, green beans, grapes, apple juice.

nTuesday: Grilled fish with cherry tomatoes, sweet mashed potatoes, broccoli, wheat rolls, peaches, and chocolate mousse.

nWednesday: Pork Carnitas with Spanish rice, roasted corn, black beans, a slice of wheat bread, mixed fruit.

nThursday: egg salad, pasta salad, three bean salad, croissant, pear, apple juice.

nFriday: Pasta with meatballs, yellow squash with red pepper, asparagus, wheat roll, pineapple and orange juice.

The Orleans County Meals on Wheels program offers a hot meal that is delivered around noon. Additional cold meal available for dinner (case manager approved), and/or frozen weekend meals; Suggested contribution $3 for noon meal, $5 for hot and cold meals, and $6 each for frozen and weekend meals. For more information, contact Meals on Wheels of Orleans County – Arc of Genesee Orleans (585) 589-5424.

Bread of the day and milk served daily. A personal meal location opens on Tuesdays at the Arcade at the Park Cabin, 100 Grove St. For more information, call the Wyoming County OFA at (585) 786-8833 or 1 (800) 836-0067.

nMonday: beef stew, mashed potatoes, corn, pears, crackers.

nTuesday: chicken salad, potato salad, broccoli salad, chocolate mousse, croissant.

nWednesday: goulash, cauliflower, peach cobbler.

nThursday: Philly cheese steak, bun, green beans, chips, tropical fruit.

nFriday: Swedish meatballs with gravy, bowtie pasta, California greens, oatmeal cookies, juice.

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