Serve Alouette Brie for BBQ and bring Brie for baking

New Holland, Pennsylvania – Savencia Cheese USA announces the return of Brie for Baking, and proudly introduces a new Brie for Grilling product perfect for the summer barbecue season: Brie for Grilling. Bakers and grill makers alike can enjoy preparing this fine cheese specially designed by French cheesemakers to be melty and creamy.

Both garlics have thin, edible rinds that are strong enough to hold the shape of a wheel, whether they’re cooked in the oven, on the stove, or on the grill. This means no baker or griller has to worry about a mess of leaking pari.

Alouette’s brie for baking is a great choice for brie, cheesecake, brie dip, and many other recipes. Bread brie can be served hot and rolled in puff pastry or served “naked,” but it will always look better than regular brie. The light and buttery flavor complements the sweet and savory pairings. Serve brie naked bread with preserves of fruit, ham, almonds, fresh pit fruit, or pears. If you’re making a brie-en-croute or brie in puff pastry, place fresh fruit or fruit on top of a brie wheel before rolling the pastry to make a gourmet centerpiece at your next dinner party.

The Brie Alouette BBQ can keep its shape even in the high temperatures of a charcoal, propane or electric grill. Each 4.5 ounce wheel fits perfectly on a standard burger bun. Hosts can raise the bar for their burger bar by serving guests a wild cheeseburger. BBQ brie, cut into strips, can be melted onto burger patties without a greasy drip to clean up later. Vegetarians can substitute veggie burgers or meat alternatives with a Brie Wheel of Grilling. Topped with grilled vegetables and served on toasted bread, this sandwich becomes a sumptuous grilled cheese sandwich.

“We are thrilled to offer cheese lovers new ways to enjoy wild cheese,” said Mikhail Chapnik, Vice President of Marketing for Savencia Cheese USA. “We know consumers love brie cheese when it’s warm and warm, and these two new products are pure fun.”

Alouette Brie for Grilling will be available in select grocery stores and online at The Cheese Lover Shop, where there is also recipe inspiration, starting in June. The Alouette Brie for Baking will be back in time for the end of the public holiday season.

About Savincia cheese in the USA: Savencia Cheese USA is a family owned subsidiary of Savencia Fromage & Dairy – the world’s leading producer of specialty cheese. Savencia Cheese USA specializes in making high-quality cheeses under the Alouette, Supreme, Chavrie, Dorothy’s and Smithfield brands as well as Hope Foods, and is one of the nation’s leading brands of dips and spreads. In addition, Savencia Cheese USA imports fine cheese from France that contains cheeses such as Ile de France, Saint André, Saint Agur and world champion Esquirrou. For more information, please visit the website:

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