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The Lower Similkameen Community Services Society participates with the Cawston Community Hall Society in two seasonal programs for workers.

The hall will host a bicycle rack as part of a bicycle lending program for seasonal workers.

The bike lending program has been running for several years already and currently has more than 20 bikes in circulation, but the bike rack is a new addition thanks to some additional funding this year.

The Cawston Community Hall Society offered bike monitoring and rack hosting, allowing a more central location for workers in Lower Similkameen.

In addition to the bike-lending program, LSCSS is also working with the Cawston Hall Association to host a Sunday evening cantina for workers.

“We know that some seasonal workers when they go by the pool or bars are a bit reluctant or shy, so hopefully these evenings this will be a really social event for workers,” said Sarah Martin, CEO. from LSCSS. “It’s so they can feel comfortable in the space, relax, interact with each other and hopefully offer engagement with other community members and volunteers.”

The first cantina evening on 3 July saw nearly 150 people go out for a meal of carnitas, beans and rice along with deserts prepared by all the local volunteers. Another cantina night is scheduled for July 24.

It is hoped that as the cantina evenings continue, it brings the community and seasonal workers together and highlights the contributions that workers make.

“I don’t think people realize there are 200 to 300 of them here at any point in the season, where you might see five in the bank cashing their checks,” Martin said.

Most of the bikes used in the bike lending program have been donated to LSCSS, who work with nearby repair shops to tune them for use. All of this year’s bikes are also marked with LSCSS stickers to help draw more interest into the program as they travel through the community.

Helmets are also available to borrow, and LSCSS is always open for further donations of bikes or safety gear.

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