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I’m the first to admit that I have a small problem. I guess I’ll call it an addiction. I am a chocolate addict.

I don’t eat whole candy bars or cover entire brownies, but I crave chocolate after every meal. Some people need a drink, I need a box of chocolates. I’ll keep spare parts in my purse and stash the chocolate almonds in my kitchen cupboards. When traveling, bring my personal stash. Yes, it is definitely a chocolate habit.

I’m talking about this for a reason. I recently visited a new sweet shop downtown that catered to my needs in a new way. I might have to add cinnamon buns to my list of cravings.

Cinnaholic, a cinnamon gourmet bakery, opened its sweet doors in April. This 100% vegan bakery offers an extensive menu of decadent cinnamon rolls and other delicious treats.

Everything is dairy and cholesterol free. Customers can make their own cinnamon rolls by choosing from over 20 frosting flavors and a huge selection of creative toppings. You are basically building your own cinnamon roll sundae.

Everything is fresh and made to order, including the toppings.

When I visited the vegan bakery, I tried two of their signature rolls. First I tried Cookie Monster, which was iced with cream cheese and topped with cookie dough, chocolate sauce and chocolate chips. It was a no-brainer because of the chocolate.

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Next, I sampled the Caramel Apple Pie Cake that had caramel frosting, fresh chopped apples, pie crumble and walnuts. Honestly, this creative mixture was better than any apple pie. Next time I’ll try one of the local rolls called Orange Crush, which has orange frosting, pancake crumble, and coconut.

Menus start at $5.25 before toppings are added.

If cinnamon buns aren’t your sweet tooth, don’t worry. The bakery offers a range of other mouth-watering desserts like edible cookie dough, brownies, cookies, magic bars, and Dole Whip. Complement your dessert with a cup of Vessel’s local coffee.

If sweets aren’t a big draw for kids, they’ll enjoy taking a selfie with the King Neptune mural and Trident prop. The bakery has some fun special occasion options like Cinnacakes, cookies, and doughnuts.

I’ll leave you with a word of warning. If you have any signs of candy addiction, watch out. After visiting this new bakery, you will easily become addicted to cults.

Cinnaholic is located at 209 Central Park Ave. Virginia Beach.

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