Sisu Café opens for breakfast and lunch quickly in Bay View

Sisu Café, the new daytime restaurant of the owners Sabrosa Cafe and Gallery, is now open daily in Bay View.

It serves breakfast and lunch sandwiches and other items including savory pastries, homemade sweet pastries, coffee, soup, salad, and on Sundays, chilaquiles.

Chef and co-owner Frank Sanchez said the counter service restaurant, located at 2121 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. It will slow down its fastest pace for table service brunch on Sundays beginning sometime in August. He’s seeking a liquor license for late-night cocktails.

In the meantime, the café will serve a Sunday special of chilaquiles, with a choice of meat or steak ($12-$16). The Sunday hot meat market has been moved from Sabrosa to Sisso. Brown sugar and bourbon-glazed pork, carnitas and beef barbacoa are $10 a pound, and sides are available.

Frank Sanchez, chef and owner of Sisso Café, also makes 2121 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.  , pastries sold at the breakfast and lunch place, some of which are Finnish. "We look forward to opening the square across the street next year and filling a need," Sanchez said.

Sanchez also makes pastries, such as scones, danish and kurvaposti, and Finnish cinnamon rolls. The name of the café is taken from a Finnish word that translates to meaning perseverancea name inspired by the epidemic.

Sanchez’s partner is Robin Perinen, whose heritage goes back to the Finns.

Instead of giving customers a number for their orders, Sisu Cafe assigns them a letter, accompanied by a Finnish word and illustration.  The name Sisu is Finnish.

Breakfast items ($7 to $10) include a blueberry yogurt parfait; hot muesli with bacon, ham, and fried eggs on a croissant; chorizo ​​and egg tacos. and vegetable pancakes, a delicious legume popular on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where many residents are of Finnish descent.

Lunch items ($9 to $12) include beef patties, a grilled vegetable pie, German egg salad (with sour pickle) on bread, and sandwiches like cheese joe, grilled tomato cheese, and fried cod baked in crushed barbecue chips. Sandwiches are served with chips, soup, or salads, such as apple salad, cucumber salad, and watermelon.

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