Slideshow: Hundreds flock to Framingham Farmers Market Editorial

FRAMINGHAM – In the past two years, even before the pandemic hit, the Framingham Farmers Market has been struggling. Not enough vendors, not enough customers, uncooperative weather, and hours that aren’t suitable for working families and working residents are all problems.

But the opening of the Framingham Farmers Market today was a very positive new start as well.

There are nearly 3 dozen vendors, many food trucks, and “hundreds” of customers, said Bill Seal, the newly appointed Framingham Market Manager.

Sale estimated by 4:30 p.m., the market was already about 500 people.

The weather also cooperated today. While the new administration can control a lot of things – weather is not among them.

Under the control of the new administration were the hours, which changed from noon to 5 pm on Thursday to 3 to 7 pm on Thursday.

There were few parking spaces available at 4pm, and the cars parked on both sides of Vernon Street, showed the new opening hours.

Mayor Charlie Sisicki, looking to revitalize the market, has agreed to waive all fees to sellers this year.

“This was a huge plus,” said Seal, who was appointed by the city to run the markets in 2022.

While traditional Framingham sellers such as Velma’s Kettle Corn Company and Great Harvest Bread Company have returned to Framingham Center Common, newer sellers such as Heavens Harvest Farm of New Braintree have chosen the Framingham Market rather than the City of Salem Market due to the shorter drive and lack of seller fees.

Heavens Harvest’s farm, with his double tent, had green onions, radishes, lettuce and other vegetables for sale today, June 23.

Some vendors will be in the market every week, some every week, and some select weeks that worked on their schedule, Sell said. Sell ​​also said that new sellers are expected next week.

Many of the city’s elected local leaders stopped by the market today as well, including Mayor Sisitsky and First Lady Robin Kaye.

“I think we bought the last cinnamon-cooked bread from Great Harvest,” said Kay, before 5 p.m.

Itinerant city councilor George B.

The Framingham Public Library will be at the weekly farmers’ market with Librarian Emily Toombs, who wore a floppy hat after picking up cinnamon bread from Great Harvest as well.

Editor’s Note: The Great Harvest Bread Company’s Cinnamon Spiral Bread makes great French bread.

Since today was the 180th and last day of the school year, many families were enjoying the market, especially the Kona Ice Truck and Uncle Joey’s Cannoli.

Some families even had a picnic in the green village.

New seller this year was Harvest delicious kitchen gardens outside Framingham.

Kitchen gardening consultant Safia Hamis helps people begin their journey into the garden by designing and installing gardens.

If you missed the market this week, it’ll be back on June 30th at the Framingham Center Common from 3-7pm


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