Slope partners with Lido to launch a new face of staking on Solana


June 27 marks the day Staking on Solana was reimagined on mobile. Slope is integrating Lido, a DeFi staking protocol traditionally focused on Ethereum. This will give users a new way to share Solana, and a host of new staking features, including:

  • instant liquidity
  • instant estimate
  • One click staking
  • decentralized security

Adds value and feature set

Instant liquidity really makes sense, as it means there is no authorization or delay in activation when users sell Solana or lose possession. When users make a deposit or stakes Solana, they immediately start winning money from the second set in which they are bet. Once infused, Sol converts to stSol and the immediate estimate is reflected in the stSOL equilibrium. Lido supports these quota and decompile features through the use of ‘one-click’, which creates a simple and easily digestible approach to stores. In addition, all restricted assets are distributed across Solana’s leading validators that are selected by Lido DAO. This decentralized approach to security further protects the integrity of Lido’s encumbered assets.

A video demonstration of these new staking features on the Slope Wallet:

About the slope:

Slope Finance is a multi-chain wallet and web3 browser. It provides functionality that allows users to hold digital assets in self-custodial, original access to the most important DeFi use cases, NFT markets, and Dapp interactions across the Solana, Ethereum and BNB ecosystems. Slope Wallet is available as a mobile app on iOS, Android, Huawei and on Chrome as a browser extension.”

About Lido:

Lido provides “simplified and secure quotas for digital assets” while providing “liquidity for hoarded assets.” Lido is an innovative staking protocol that allows users to get an instant appreciation of the restricted assets while providing instant liquidity when needed. These features led to a significant early and user adoption of Solana, with Lido already reaching $73M+ in TVL on Sol, as it simultaneously leads to a further decentralization of the Solana network.

Macro fit:

This partnership demonstrates the ongoing wave of DeFi DApps being integrated through a variety of crypto products to facilitate access/native; Governor of course highlighted here.

These wallet integrations give mobile and desktop users easy, efficient, and structured access to the best DeFi protocols. We at Sope are thrilled to partner with Lido, who are among the many upcoming DeFi protocol integrations and partnerships.

The future of Web 3 is mobile and this partnership symbolizes another early bridge connecting mobile users with innovative DApps.

Media contact:

Company name: Slope Finance
Contact Person: Lucas Evans
E-mail: [email protected]
Country: America

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