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Every Independence Day, I like to tell this story of my trip on a decorated party canoe in the Fourth of July Boat Parade on the False River in the 1980s.

As the other passengers of the barge were from New Roads, there was great food on board, including some delicious delicious eggs from one of the ladies.

I made sure to be close to the eggs as we were sailing down the lake, waving to the onlookers on the shore.

Unfortunately, water balloons became popular with teenage boys, and we were soon bombarded.

When one of the balloons hit the adjacent fence and exploded, becoming submerged in water, I was enraged to see the boy who had thrown it laughing madly.

Without thinking, she reached behind me, grabbed a demonic egg and threw it. A square hit him on his bare chest.

The expression on his face was priceless as he looked down at the yellow substance.

My fellow barge-passengers laughed wildly at my counterattack—except for the Demon White Lady.

Wasn’t enjoying…

Psychology 101

Mike Boudreaux, of Busch, says, “I’m sure many of your readers remember riding school buses from neighboring parishes to attend Nichols’ State in Thibodaux in the mid-1960s.

“Those of us who haven’t fallen asleep or finished homework often spend their travel time playing cards.

“Four of us were sitting facing the driveway with a piece of plywood resting on our knees. Two more sat on boxes in the driveway.

“Many Pedro hands were played. We learned more about strategy, probability, and human behavior on these daily bus trips than we did in class.”

cut off note

“I smiled at your story about a guy trying to get what we might call a ‘dress-up’ hamburger,” says Lynn Doucet of Morris.

“When I was in high school, I traveled with the Honor Society to New York City.

“One day at lunch, we stopped at dinner. I ordered a hamburger, ‘cut onions.'”

“After a while, my hamburger appeared, and the waitress gave me half an onion and a sharp knife.

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“You have to chop the onions yourself,” she said, “we don’t have time.”

salad sandwich?

Ross Wise, of Laplace says, “After reading about a hamburger with dressing being a ‘vegetarian burger’ in Iowa, my wife reminded me that if you want to dress up a hamburger in England, you have to order it ‘with a salad’.”

who reminds me

When I was at LSU, we had two guys in the graduate school of journalism who got their undergraduate degrees at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

Once when we went out for lunch they told me that there, if you wanted tomatoes on your hamburger, I ordered a “tomato burger”.

Lady Catherine, who graduated from high school in New Jersey, says she’s never heard of a tomato burger (though she loves the delicious sandwiches she ate there).

green invasion

“I had to chuckle over stories of adding stuff to a cheeseburger,” says Paul C. (aka “The Kid”).

“One element you didn’t mention is sweeping the nation. Avocados seem to be added to everything we eat.

“I love avocados in guacamole, but don’t care about them on toast, burgers, eggs, pizza, tuna, etc.

“I think that makes me old-fashioned.”

Special Persons Section.

Jean and Ernie Wall, from Baton Rouge, celebrate their 65th birthday on Monday, July 4th.

Save wine for mass

“On Saturday, when I read about the nun asking an old-fashioned nun, I remembered taking Sister Tekla and Mother Elizabeth to Corinne Dunbar in New Orleans,” Faye Guidry says.

When the servant came to take the drink orders, he asked the mother if she would like a nice little glass of wine.

Her reply was, ‘Oh, no thank you; I want a double martini, straight. “

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