Sogo is a sushi roll paradise near Pike Place Market

Sugo is the latest addition to the restaurant scene at Pike Place Market, located just north of the market by Cutters Crabhouse. The hand-roll bar modernizes the traditional Japanese temaki dining experience by introducing creative twists on traditional classics. Diners can enjoy freshly handcrafted rolls at the omakase bar, and later this summer, in the dining room.

The omakase bar is a unique experience because you will witness the chefs expertly crafting your meal in front of you and you can have a friendly chat with them. There is limited seating at the bar, so be sure to make a reservation at peak hours!

Sugo prides itself on providing the freshest, sustainably sourced ingredients. Even the restaurant’s name, “Sugu”, translates to “protect; protect” in English.

We had dinner with co-founder Danny Prawer, a Seattle native who “views Washington as not just a place to do business, but a home to take care of.”

Brawer and co-founder Norman Wu started their first restaurant concept, Just Poke, in the Seattle area in 2016 and have been looking for ways to expand their restaurant roots ever since. They dined at a sushi roll restaurant in Los Angeles and knew they had to bring the concept back to their hometown.

“The chance to land at Pike Place was a dream come true,” Brauer told us.

The same menu offers a variety of classic hand rolls like King Salmon, Spicy Tuna, and California, as well as their newest creations like Truffle Avocado, Hawaiian Poke, and Crispy Shrimp with honey sambal. Our favorite appetizer was the norichos, tempura fried nori chips with beecher cheese and garnished with masago (fish roe), tomatoes and green onions. Make sure to order two of them – they disappear quickly!

When it comes to hand rolls, it’s hard to go wrong. They are all amazing and melt in your mouth! You can order a set of home rolls (3, 4, 5 rolls selected) or pick and choose your own set. If you want to impress your IG followers, you’ll need to order the signature Torched Eel roll as the chef lights it right in front of you (they also light Bluefin Sashimi and Wagyu entrees).

The drinks deserve special mention on their part as they are a stop to the show. We tried three of the sake cocktails and our favorite was the Melona Poptail, which is served with a Melona lollipop (strawberry or mango) that melts into the drink, unless you decide to take it out and enjoy it separately. The Lychee Martini is photo-worthy because it is shrouded in a cloud of dry ice. Last but not least, Ozeki gel shots are delicious and may bring back fond memories of your college days. You must try one!

All in all, Sogo is a specialty restaurant that is sure to become a classic Pike Place restaurant. It’s the perfect spot for a special date, for sushi lovers looking for a distinct dining experience, and for out-of-towners looking to enjoy the freshest seafood of the Pacific Northwest.

Sugo is currently in its open phase with dining available Wednesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Sugo plans to expand to Kirkland and Bellevue later this year.

As for us, we’ll definitely be trying their new locations to get more hand-rolls and for!

Learn more about Soju here.

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