Son says Dallas saloon shooting victim evaded 2cm paralysis, now afraid to go out

Her son revealed in a new interview that one of the three victims of the May 11 shooting at the Hair World salon in Dallas was nearly paralyzed from the incident.

The 58-year-old victim first went to the salon on May 11 to get her hair done. Just to be shot Then I was left shocked.

“With my own medical knowledge, I was able to avoid paralysis by about 2 to 3 centimeters,” said Dr. John Park. NBC DFW from his mother’s condition. “She was very fortunate.”

Park said his mother remembered making eye contact with the alleged gunman, 36-year-old Jeremy Theron-Smith, when he began shooting.

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She said he probably fired at least 10 to 15 bullets. I heard many, many gunshots. They were very noisy. People were screaming. “She saw blood from other people,” Park said.

Smith, who was arrested on May 17, is accused of firing 13 shots at seven people. Apart from Park’s mother, the salon owner, Chang Hae Jin, and an unknown employee were also shot.

Park’s mother is still recovering from the accident. Although she evaded paralysis, she is now afraid to go out and has developed insomnia.

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“She cries a lot. I’m worried about her sanity, to be honest,” Park said.

Park’s mother, a Korean immigrant, runs a donut shop. Before filming, she enjoyed outdoor activities like gardening, playing golf, and hanging out with friends at Korean restaurants.

“I’ve done a lot of good things,” Park said. Dallas Morning News In another interview. “As an immigrant, she told us to be thankful and to be equal to everyone.”

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After the shooting, Smith’s girlfriend told police that he had “close panic attacks” whenever he was near an Asian person. This fear allegedly stems from his involvement in a car accident with an Asian driver about two years ago.

Smith is also believed to have been involved in two previous shootings at Asian-owned businesses. The first happened on April 2 at the same retail center as the hair salon, while the second took place at the Oak Cliff Retail Center the day before the salon shooting.

The police started Accident investigation as a hate crime. For their safety, Park said his family plans to return to Korea once his mother recovers.

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“The fact that someone sought out our background and race and projected their bias against us into a physical assault is very distressing,” Park said. “I don’t think I will ever forget this incident.”

It was Smith Accused of seven counts Severe assault with a deadly weapon on the background of shooting on the salon. He is still behind bars on a $700,000 bond.

Park and other members of the families of the three victims organized a GoFundMe campaign To help raise money for medical bills. As of this writing, the campaign has raised $58,295 from its $100,000 goal.

Featured Image via Fox 7 Austin (left), Dallas Police Department (right)

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