South Shore couple bring online sensation Crumbl Cookie to Hannover

Hanover – A rotating assortment of cookies made from scratch and covered with icing in a variety of mouthwatering flavors will soon fill a now empty storefront in the merchants’ shopping center in Hanover.

Pam and Matthew Arias, who recently returned to South Shore from Colorado, will open the Crumbl Cookie franchise later this year. The Crumbl brand seems to have become an overnight fan favorite and a social media sensation, and the pair say they can’t wait to bring their must-have sweets to the region.

“This is not a frozen cookie that comes out of a package or box,” Pam said. “The quality is just there and people seem to really like it.”

Pam Arias grew up spending summers with her family in Sittwat and her family is scattered all over Massachusetts. The couple have spent the past several years living in Colorado with two children—now three—and the company’s location in Boulder is where they first fell in love with Crumble.

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