Southern Tomato Gravy is a delicious way to use up fresh garden tomatoes

Vegetable growers are beginning to see the fruits of their labor as the summer season continues. Anyone who has grown tomatoes in their garden or even indoors knows that this is the peak fruit time of the year. If you or someone you know grows so many tomatoes that you can’t keep up with their BLTs or salads, we’ve found a recipe to help with this delicious product: tomato broth.

This tomato broth is not like the sauce that many of us enjoy topping over pasta. Southerners use a different variety of tomato broth to add a fresh, savory flavor to crackers, meatloaf, and other regional staples. One blogger says it’s great on cheese grits or shrimp and grits, while another fan notes that it tastes good with peach cobbler and bread pudding.


According to The Kitchn, this version of tomato broth has its origins in the southern United States. A simple recipe usually contains five or fewer ingredients and their rich flavor comes from a combination of fresh produce, fat, and dairy. By turning bumper tomato crops into broth, gardeners/farmers can make their crops last during the off-season through canning.

This tomato broth recipe from The Kitchen sticks to the classic, simple version of this versatile dish and uses only a few ingredients. To make this recipe, you’ll need diced tomatoes (whether fresh or canned, so don’t worry if you didn’t grow tomatoes), bacon fat, unsalted butter, heavy cream, and a few other ingredients that you probably already have in your food. The store.

You can get exact ingredient quantities and the full recipe at The Kitchen.


The best part about this tomato broth is that, unlike its Italian tomato/pasta sauce cousin, this recipe doesn’t need to sit on the stove and simmer all day. With just five minutes of prep work and about 15 minutes of cooking time, you can make this meal companion in no time at all. And if you have leftovers when you’re done, the broth can be stored in an airtight container for up to five days and reheated.

We found another variation of this popular regional recipe on Twitter thanks to The Southern Lady Cooks.

While their recipe is similar in terms of quick setup and convenience, there are some significant changes. For example, you will use water instead of cream, remove the broth, and add other seasonings including garlic powder.

A Taste of Home contributor also offers a different variation of the dish, which was the site’s competition winner. This version uses actual bacon instead of bacon fat, along with onion and tomato juice for the liquid instead of milk or water. And at The Spruce Eats, the recipe includes tomato paste alongside actual tomatoes and garnished the broth with parsley. So there are plenty of variations to explore, depending on what’s in your pantry or your favorite flavors.

Check out these different versions and try them out to see which version of tomato broth you enjoy the most. What foods will you enjoy?

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