Spitalfields dessert serves spiced apple crumble into mini pumpkins for Halloween

Spitalfields’ dessert bar offers Londoners the best seasonal treat for fall – spiced apples served in small pumpkins.

Founded by chief baker Kim Innes, Humble Crumble is located in Old Spitalfields Market in East London and is the world’s first “hand-crushed bar”.

The quirky candy store is also no stranger to making waves on social media thanks to its delicious list of hot and cold goodies.

However, the place’s fall season has proven to be especially popular on Instagram.

Humble Crumble, the world’s first literal crumble bar, has broken Instagram with its awesome October show.

The limited-edition snack, a revamped version of the October special that sold out last year, has already amassed more than 100 tagged photos and videos on Instagram alone since its launch last month — and it’s not hard to see why.

Served in an array of colorful pumpkins, from white casperita to sweetly spotted sweet pumpkin, the unique October presentation gave Britain’s favorite dessert a stunning autumnal makeover.

The special spiced apple and pumpkin filling served in the peel is available until Halloween and costs £8 with a free toppings added.

Toppings such as burnt marshmallow, double cream, and bottomless vanilla custard can be added for an additional cost.

The special edition marinated apple and pumpkin filling costs £8 with free toppings like hazelnuts or rose petals.

A Humble Crumble spokesperson told 2Chill: “The whole pumpkin is used, even the seeds until they crumble in the future.

“Our founder Kim came up with the idea because we’re always thinking of ways to reduce waste, so what better way than using vegetable peels as well!”

According to Humble Crumble’s Instagram, Bedlam Farms Organic’s sustainable pumpkins originated in March, Cambridgeshire.

Luckily for vegan fans, a special Halloween-themed dish can also be made using vegan custard, “cream” and crumbled toppings.

The place, located at 12 Horner Square, recommends visiting during the week to avoid the queues and lock yourself in one of their limited pumpkins.

For regular crumbs, medium starts at £5.50 and large at £7, where guests can choose from a range of fruit and twice-baked shortbread options, as well as dictate their own filling-to-crunch ratio.

Toppings like dried rose petals, crushed meringue, almonds, hazelnuts, and cinnamon can be added free of charge.

Goodies in the past have included nostalgic dishes like hot strawberries, crumbled rhubarb, and even “frozen” crumbs served with frozen custard.

Humble Crumble offers a seasonal menu of desserts all year round, with prices starting at £5.50.

Meanwhile, their November breakout menu will feature the ‘Salted Caramel Pecan Pie’ flavor, which has been voted down by the brand’s Instagram followers.

Humble Crumble also sells home-cooked bread sets at Borough Market, on Southwark Street, on Fridays and Saturdays.

Those who don’t live in East London can find sweets online.

The Old Spitalfields Market venue is open between 12pm and 8pm, Monday through Friday.

Saturday working hours are from 12 pm to 7 pm, while Sunday times are from 12 pm to 6 pm.

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