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ELKO – You may have seen the new street food cart called Street A’ Tarian Rush. Not your regular ‘pancake box’, this portable meal maker is a new take on things to come. Need to try a whole new taste? Try these guys. Are you worried about waste and global warming? Try these guys. Do you need less meat in your life for one reason or another? Try these guys.

“We’ve been vegetarians for three to four years now,” said co-owner Anna Gill.

“there is nothing [in Elko] “For vegetarians,” co-owner Anthony Leback said. “You can get something in a restaurant like a hamburger without a pie, but a lot of it lacks substance.”

“I love to cook,” Gilly said, “I have been cooking for years. “I just grew up not eating a lot of meat.”

“She makes a great beet burger,” Lebak said. “We wanted to make street food primarily vegan. You can eat it on the go, it’s not a big sit-down restaurant. They are all portable. We make sliders, tacos, and crunchy pizza.”

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“I’ve been making some of it for the past 10 years,” Gilly said. “Some things are a little newer. Everything we try here we eat.”

One of my most favorite foods is the ronda, which is a sandwich designed after reuben but with portabella mushrooms instead of meat.

“The Ronda sandwich is probably the best sandwich that was ever invented,” Lebak said. “It’s our version of a robin, it’s a female robin without meat. “

The owners cooked one for me and I was impressed with the delicious “grab and go” meal.

The mobile restaurant serves special dishes and, if popular, makes it to the main menu. They also sell flavored iced tea and flavored lemonade.

“We make our iced tea fresh every day,” Lebak said.

The couple got their business license in November of last year. They bought a food truck from a restaurant in Carson City.

Lepak and Jelle did a lot of redesigning the car and the portable kitchen. They had to adapt to the colder climate.

Inside it is a chef’s dream kitchen, fairly compact and very inviting with bright lights adorning the workspace.

They designed their own truck wrap and slate themselves.

“It took a long time,” Lebak said.

The business is very environmentally conscious. They post a number of their beliefs on the stickers attached to the truck, in classic ’60s style. Not only do they serve plant-based food, but they are also compostable containers for their food, right down to condiment cups.

“As far as I know, we’re one of the only restaurants to do that,” Lebak said. “Even if it’s buried, it won’t disappear. If it’s not compost, I don’t want to use it on the truck. I can’t do half the message, I can’t try to create this place [Earth] Better, save the animals, but here’s a plastic box to use. “

They even use compostable straw. We all know the problem with plastic straws, they are ‘everywhere’, even on the world’s most remote beaches.

According to, it takes 20 years for plastic straws to decompose.

There are vegetarian options for most items.

“We have vegan cheese for three or four of our products,” Jelly said.

Fresh french fries are made with every batch. No frozen fries here.

“We want to give people a choice,” Gilly said of the vegan meals the business offers.

“On a Thursday night, we do a shift from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. to crowd the bars because there is no food downtown after 10 a.m.,” Lebak said.

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