Summer is vegan season at Starbucks in Japan

Five of Starbucks Japan’s summer menu items are vegetarian. (Ray Macintosh)

Meat and dairy-free consumers rejoice! As of June 1, nearly all Japanese Starbucks locations now carry five new vegetarian items – three main courses and two desserts.

The new menu focuses on plant-based foods, and includes an English muffin with spinach, corn, and soy muffin; a stoneware oven sandwich made of tomatoes and soybeans; “shaky meal” soybean bolognese; Almond milk matcha mousse. And sugar cake.

An English spinach, corn, and soybean muffin is a delicious breakfast option. Sandwiched between two traditional English muffins, it contains a densely spiced soy pancake with a grainy texture. Creamy corn fritters are topped with spinach and a mixture of ground corn, spinach, and creamy maple mustard.

Another vegan breakfast item is a sweet sugar donut, a vegan version of an already popular Starbucks product, made with traditional yeast, fried and glazed.

For lunch or snacks, this tomato and soybean pancake sandwich is filled with soy balls, which mimic traditional meatballs in texture and flavor. The inside is covered with pomodoro sauce and topped with veggie chops. Customers who want the pomodoro sauce to be more meaty can order the soy “shake up” Bolognese. Put the purple cabbage and kidney beans in a cup with tomato sauce, soy bolognese sauce, red pepper, vegan cheese, semi-dried tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, and leafy greens.

The company suggests shaking the glass to mix all ingredients and sauces. The dish is salty and filling, and for the taste of America, it tastes like eating a cold bowl of Asian-inspired burrito.

For dessert, customers may enjoy the matcha mousse with almond milk. The cake has a bittersweet matcha mousse with red beans (kanoko dynagun) on top of the dessert.And the Crushed graham cracker crust with matcha and almond milk whipped cream on top. According to the Starbucks website, matcha is used to make this treat It is grown using compost made from recycled coffee from Starbucks stores.

The new vegan matcha almond mousse from Starbucks Japan is here for summer.

The new vegan matcha almond mousse from Starbucks Japan is here for summer. (Ray Macintosh)

Starbucks Japan is trying to become more environmentally conscious by recycling coffee beans as fertilizer and reducing the use of single-use plastics. While the new menu items are vegan, the Starbucks website says they’re made in a place that makes non-vegetarian food; Therefore, cross contamination may occur. There’s wheat and soybeans in all of their new vegan products. Additional allergy concerns are the almonds in their almond milk mousse, the sesame in their roll and the apple in their spinach corn, English soybean muffin, and soybean shakes.

Customers can still have their favorite Starbucks drinks with almond or soy milk instead of dairy milk.

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