Sushi meets Tex-Mex at McKinney’s Roll on In

In the flavor wheel of the modern culinary world, Asian and Tex-Mex may be polar opposites. While one places more emphasis on cold and raw textures, the other finds refuge in red meat, chicken, cheese, and flour tortillas. Just like everything else in the contemporary culinary scene, except that they mix. And they mix well.

Roll On In recently opened at McKinney, serving sushi, burrito, wonton taco, and just about everything in between.

“I wouldn’t want another burger place. I wouldn’t want another pizza place. “I didn’t want something that everyone already had,” says owner Carlos Gonzalez. The list fulfilled his wishes.

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Roll On In serves a mix of Tex-Mex and Sushi.

Anisha Hola

You might want to start with the wonton taco, a shareable dish served fresh with three crispy pie crusts, each stuffed with sweet teriyaki chicken, Asian slaw, and a light drizzle of spicy mayonnaise. Tex-Mex concepts blend seamlessly with Asian flavors in this classic roll-on-the-flap appetizer. The tacos find some strong competition, with the aptly named Donut Sushi. This dish consists of a mixture of sticky rice and cream cheese topped with tempura batter, sautéed with a pile of avocado and an Asian salad.

Another customer favorite are the crab mix rolls, which come in spring roll rolls generously filled with cream cheese and crab mix. A slight twist on the classic crab Rangoon, Roll On In may have found a nice spot in the fill-to-casing ratio.

Click to enlarge Sushi burrito can be made with a variety of proteins and rice, wrapped in a thin sheet of seaweed.  Go ahead, Carlos Gonzalez

Sushi burrito can be made with a variety of proteins and rice, wrapped in a thin sheet of seaweed.

Roll On In, Carlos Gonzalez

Perhaps the most famous Roll On In creation is the “sushi burritos,” a twist on the typical Chipotle-style burritos. The sushi burrito comes wrapped in a thin sheet of seaweed and filled with sticky rice, your choice of protein, and a variety of customizable fillings, from cream cheese cubes to Mexican.

The list offers some guidance for those struggling with options. Try Galveston, one of Gonzalez’s signature creations. Inspired by the unique flavors of Texas, the Galveston Burrito comes stuffed with delicious shrimp, mashed avocado, elliot, mango, cream cheese and wonton slices. It’s finished with a sweet soy glaze that adds a satisfying kick of umami to everything.

On our next trip, we will definitely try the wonton nachos with teriyaki chicken and Asian salad.

Roll on Sushi, 7001 Custer Road, St. 600 (McKinney), 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

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