Taco and Margarita Festival

Saturday morning forecastJordan Segundo has the latest forecast for the Sacramento area.

Keegan MurrayMolly got a chance to talk to the latest version of Sacramento!

Tell me something good, it’s 10 a.m.Tell me something good, it’s 10 a.m.

Taco and Margarita FestivalTacos and margaritas are a match made in heaven – and this local festival gives foods a place to indulge!

Fire damage to homes and awnings in the Highlands of Del PasoThe fire broke out around 6:15 a.m. Saturday at a home along Marysville Street near Acacia Street in Del Paso Heights. A spokesperson for the Sacramento Fire Department said several shacks on the property, along with one of four shacks behind the main house, were damaged by the fire. There were no reports of injuries.

Tell me something good, 8 a.m.Tell me something good, 8 a.m.

Italian Hot Rod ShowThe Italian Hot Rod Car Show is free to viewers and showcases pre-75 vehicles/motorcycles. Proceeds benefit the Sac PD K9 Association.

Folsom Hometown ParadeMolly is heading to Folsom Hometown Parade!

Stream me, baby!Stream me, baby!

Your product – onion sermonMichael Marks makes onion rings!

fig melodyTina got hits

Seller and handicraftHelp support the local community

community yard salehuge yard sale

Johnnie’s Jams featuring director Jonathan Merris with Bosco and BuddyIn this edition of Johnnie’s Jams, it’s National Bring Your Dog to Work Day, and director Jonathan Merris from Producer Ally’s Dogs: Bosco and Buddy helps. “Samples Songs” is the topic, and do you know these JAMs?

Question of the Day / Friday Dance Party – 6/24We wrap up the work week with today’s question from today’s lonely Cody Stark! Hey Cody is going on vacation next week, how are you going to celebrate? Everyone answers, and then we dance our way into the weekend!

wiki who? – 6/24John is here with Friday’s edition of Wiki Who? Pulls nuggets of trivia from Wikipedia pages for the stars! Today, there’s another “sexy celebrity” edition with Timothee Chalamet, Miles Teller, and Jack Harlow! Play with us!

“Masters of Illusion” – Murray Suchak joins us!Another exciting episode of “Masters of Illusion” airs this weekend on The CW! Magician Murray Seechuck joins Cody and John to talk about the show, and as always, do a little magic for us!

Johnnie’s Jams with director Jonathan MerrisIt’s National Day Bring your dog to work day and director Jonathan Merris borrowed producer Ally’s lil pup! Meet Bosco! It helps show Jams: songs or artists that contain the word “Dog”! Do you know these nannies?

Comedian Garg visited us join us!Comedian Zarna Garg is best known for her hit shows, “My American Dream” and “Sari, Not Sorry”, and is currently performing for a completely sold out audience across the country! She’ll be in our neighborhood soon, and join Cody and John to talk about her show!

Drone football at Modesto Junior College!We head back to Modesto Junior College to check out some of the drone football the kids who go camping there play, and John and Cody give it a solid British experience in commentary!

Good Day Returns – 6/24If you thought you missed a funny moment during today’s show, here’s where you can find it! It’s a good rewind day!

California joins Oregon and Washington in their commitment to reproductive freedomThe governors revealed a multi-state commitment to building a “West Coast crime” to protect reproductive rights.

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