Taco Bell brings back “Numiro Ono” to celebrate its 60th anniversary – Orange County Record

Taco Bell celebrated its 60th anniversary Thursday in the building where it all began in 1962 — sort of.

The Irvine-based chain held a party for itself in the parking lot of its Irvine headquarters where its first Taco Bell, nicknamed Numero Ono, was relocated in 2015.

The 400-square-foot structure was seated on a structure between two portable stages and had transport enclosures for audio equipment underneath.

The party was called Live Más Music Feast-For-All. It featured live music with stars Mobley and LP Giobbi as well as a disc jockey spinning pop songs into a photo slideshow from the 60-year-old fast food chain. The event was attended by several hundred invited guests, including franchisees, Orange County VIPs and social media influencers.

They were fed half a dozen food trucks, and many made their own interpretations of Taco Bell’s food. Yeastie Boys served a homage to Mexican pizza, Taco Bell’s current craze, on half a bun, while Pablito’s Tacos dispensed foil-wrapped burritos made with chile rilano, Taco Bell meat, its own mix, and Taco Bell sauces.

Orange County Fifth Superintendent Lisa Bartlett introduced a resolution declaring June “Mass Live Day,” Taco Bell founder Glen Bell described bringing tacos to the hamburger world in 1962.

Taco Bell now serves 1.1. 1 billion customers with nearly 8,000 restaurants in 32 countries, according to a press release.

In his opening speech, CEO Mark King called it an amazing achievement.

The actual anniversary of Taco Bell was on March 21st. This is the day Bill Numero Ono opened at 7126 Firestone Blvd., Downey. Although Taco Bell closed its restaurant there in 1986, the structure survived. In 2015, Taco Bell moved it to its Irvine headquarters to prevent it from being demolished. The press release stated that it has been stored there ever since and “has been gently restored while keeping the core of the building intact.”

Leading a champagne toast to the anniversary, Chief Operating Officer Mike Grams said that Numero Ono would be moved again and “integrated into the design of a new restaurant” somewhere in California.

“Numiru Ono will live and be a part of our enduring future at Taco Bell,” he said.

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