Take a crack at the creme brulee

We’re custard-mad and candy-crazy.

It’s amazing that a simple mixture of milk, eggs and sugar can be made into so many creamy mixtures from every corner of the world. Each has its own formula and cooking method. The French might call it a “cream bowl” and the Spaniards use the term “flan” – however, it seems that the sweetheart of the past decade or so has been creme brulee frequently served in upscale establishments.

To put things into perspective, a cream bowl is essentially a rich custard made with heavy cream—a more refined version of pudding, but not always baked. Crème brulee is a rich, always-baked custard covered in a thin, crisp caramelized sugar layer that’s accomplished by sprinkling the tops with sugar and set off with a small kitchen torch (available at many cooking and hardware stores); Or run briefly under the oven grill (although this mixture does require a little dinner wine and close monitoring – so it doesn’t burn).

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