Take your demon eggs to the next level

Richmond, Virginia – Your cooking processes will never be the same after trying these “eggcelent” creations. Today, Mary Rapoport of the Virginia Egg Board stopped by to share some great ways to take your devilish eggs to the next level. For more information and more great recipes, visit the Virginia Egg Council website.

#1 Boil eggs the new way – steam them!

Put 1 inch (2.5 cm) of water in a saucepan with a vegetable steamer inside. Bring the mixture to a boil over low heat and place the eggs in the steaming basket. Cover and steam for ten minutes for a large egg size. Immediately place it in a bowl of ice water, cracking the eggshell as you do. Let it sit for twenty minutes and the shells should slide off right away. Store in an airtight container, cool, and enjoy within a few days. Or leave the peels on and put them in the fridge and enjoy within one week.

#2 Plan to cook more eggs

If the dish holds twelve eggs, cook at least seven eggs. A few eggs may or may not be cracked as strong, plus the extra yolk makes for a fuller, more attractive filling.

#3 Cut the eggs in half and remove the yolks

CUTTING WITH A SMOOTH EDGE KNIFE – Knives with serrated edges leave a mark on the egg white. Mash the yolks in a zip-top bag until crushed or blend in a small food processor. Add the traditional mayonnaise, sweet pickle, and mustard, and mix. Cut the corner of the bag and press the contents into an empty white.

#4 Filling is not an exact science – Some eggs will be larger than others or some egg yolks may be cooked in a dryer so you may need more moisture and flavor for each batch you prepare – always taste before filling and adjusting.

#5 Try fillings Chicken, tuna or shrimp salad / pimiento cheese / guacamole / chickpeas / or even potato salad can serve as the typical egg yolk filling for various flavors and colors on the plate.

#6 Garnish like a pro Old paprika is fine, but try parsley (chopped or sprigs), red or green pepper slices, olive slices, shrimp, caviar, etc.

Pimento Devils Cheese Delicious Avocado or Chickpea Red Pepper Devils

Hard-boiled eggs, cut in half Hard-boiled eggs, cut in half

Pimento cheese guacamole or red pepper chickpeas

chives red pepper

Remove the yolk or leave it. With a teaspoon of the watermelon ball, remove the egg yolk or leave it. With a teaspoon of watermelon,

Put a spoonful of pimiento cheese in an empty egg white and put a spoonful of jack or chickpeas in an empty egg white

or right above the yolk. Add a slice of fresh chives. or over the egg yolk. Garnish with a small pepper triangle.

Stuffed Devils Salad Super easy and flavorful salad

Hard-boiled eggs, cut in half Hard-boiled eggs, cut in half

Protein salads prepared from mustard radish (tuna, chicken, etc.)

mayonnaise Ladle filling over egg yolk or whites/garnish.

Place the yolks in a zip-top plastic bag and crush until it turns into a powder.

(The extra yolk makes the filling more filling.) Add equal amounts of mustard and mayonnaise (start with a teaspoon per egg) and massage into the bag until well combined. pressure on one corner; Cut from the edge pressed out into the egg. Appetizer.

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