The 10 Best Ice Cream Shops In SC, As Per Google Reviews

Horry County Sheriff's Office officers indulge in the ice cream that bears their name - donuts and coffee flavors.

Horry County Sheriff’s Office officers indulge in the ice cream that bears their name – donuts and coffee flavors.


Sunday is National Ice Cream Day, and just in time, Google Maps came out with the best ice cream stores in South Carolina.

And nobody in the Midlands!

IceCream Taco fans in Lexington may have a thing or two to say about it, as the newly opened store was chosen as the winner of the State’s 2022 Ice Cream Poll survey from 21 competitors.

But Google said its data shows two stores on the other side of the state share an address – Stella’s Homemade Ice Cream in Murrells Inlet and Mama Rae’s Ice Cream Shoppe in Pendleton.

Stella’s got into a legal battle involving another ice cream shop in Myrtle Beach owned by the same person but that really has nothing to do with how much people love their homemade Stella ice cream.

On Saturdays, Stella’s has a special for pets. The Facebook ad reads, “Don’t bother with Paw-some Stella-bration this Saturday 3-6 years! Games, music, wizards and more!” And earlier this month, they announced a new flavor, which they said was “sponsored by Hory County’s finest! Horry County Sheriff’s Department, Aham, His Coffee and Donut Ice Cream.

Meanwhile, Mama Ray, about 26 miles southwest of Greenville, runs Mama Ray, with support from Baby Ray and Minnie Ray, according to her website, along with 10 or so others who aren’t Ray. Its motto is “a small building…a big scoop!” Her Facebook page shows huge lines of people waiting outside to get that big scoop.

They also have a feature where they pick a name and if it’s yours, you’ll get a free scoop. Friday was Samuel.

The ad read, “If you see this name repeated, that’s fine! These names weren’t created by a machine, only a middle-aged woman who can sing Ice Ice Baby word for word but doesn’t remember why she came into the room.”

Stella’s has 148 reviews, Mama Rae 238, and both have an average rating of 4.92.

This ice cream business is fiercely competitive – N the Midst Ice Cream in Seneca has an average rating of 4.8.

Two have attracted a large number of reviews – #6 Meyer’s Ice Cream Parlor in Surfside Beach with 1,894 reviews and 4.83 ratings and #8 Ice Cream Station in Simpsonville, 1,265 reviews, 4.82 ratings.

The others in the top 10 were 3 Houni’s Ice Cream in Greenville, 4 Good Karma Ice Cream in Easley, 5 Clare’s Creamery in Greenville, tied with Meyer’s at 6th Ella’s in North Myrtle Beach and tied to the Ice Cream Station at 8′ 55 Exchange in Clemson .

Google Maps found that the most searched for local ice cream parlors were Off Track Ice Cream in Charleston, followed by Hilton Head Ice Cream and Nonna Marie Gelato & Coffee Bar, both in Hilton Head.

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