The 50 Best Barbecue Joints to Open a New Restaurant in Fort Worth – Hurtado Barbecue Embraces Hot Cowtown, Happening

aHurtado Barbecue from Arlington has been on its way since the pioneering barbecue food truck took root in downtown Arlington at 205 E Front Street in 2020. The name recognition quickly spread and regulars came to look for Brandon Hurtado’s unique Mexican barbecue in Texas. .

Now, Hurtado BBQ is headed to the Southside neighborhood of Fort Worth.

The former gas station near the corner of Rosedale and Eighth Avenue, which now housed Baku and John and is home to Derek Allan’s Texas BBQ, will soon become Hurtado BBQ’s newest location.

“We should be open in October – if not sooner,” says Brandon Hurtado. paper city Fort Worth. “We don’t change much about space at all. Just change the food and the name.”

Hurtado says he has a lot of friends in Fort Worth. With the recent expansion of brands and Texas monthly The 50 best barbecue club members past and present call home — including Heim, Panther City, Brix, Goldee’s, Smoke-A-Holics, and Dayne’s Craft BBQ — Fort Worth seems to be ground zero for some very excellent cues these days.

“Fort Worth is where that’s happening right now,” Hurtado says. “And there’s plenty of room for more barbecue.”

Brandon Hurtado calls his barbecue style “Mexican.” It’s Central Texas with a Tex-Mex influence.

Consider the Chili Mac and Cheese Hatch and take on the creative Hurtado for sausage, which is constantly evolving. From classic jalapeño cheddar and poblano Oaxaca to queso-infused Fundido. Not to mention the excellent hurtado ribs, breast meat, pulled pork and fowl, which have lined devotees for years now.

Having earned a coveted spot in the monthly Texas Top 50 Barbecue rankings, Hurtado already owns a food stall in Texas Rangers Globe Life Field and has just opened a second permanent location for a restaurant in Little Elm, Texas (six miles from Frisco).

That’s some hot roast.

Hurtado BBQ’s El Jefe offers barbecue enthusiasts a simple taste of everything.

Brandon Hurtado tells paper city He plans to return to making premium sausages soon, once the new commercial-sized sausage stuffing machine arrives. He recently broke two sausage stuffers and is serving up Syracuse sausage (outside of Bonder, TX) in the meantime. The new Fort Worth Hurtado Grill will also serve beer and wine.

“The newest location in Little Elm is huge,” says Brandon Hurtado. It opened on June 10. It’s about seven to eight times the size of both Arlington and Fort Worth. So the new Fort Worth spot will be a replica of the Arlington space city.

“It will give us the opportunity to focus on the catering business, in addition to serving breakfast to hospital workers in the area. Breakfast is something new for us.”

This is a grill extension that only adds to the already strong mojo.

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