The Alberia burger, served at one of the best Italian joints in New Jersey, is delicious

One of the hottest trends in Mexican food is now being served in the form of a cake. At an Italian restaurant in New Jersey.

Antique Bar and Bakery, a Hoboken establishment made famous for Frank Sinatra’s favorite bread and now an Italian restaurant that recently introduced a new menu item: The birria burger.

The restaurant is famous for its delicious dry rib burger. But how do they make it out of the Alberia burger? Like the birria taco, it’s served with a bowl of consommé – a hearty and delicious soup for dipping. Stuffed with a stack of tender chopped short ribs on top of the burger, this soup is topped with Oaxaca cheese (a semi-hard white cheese similar to Monterey Jack but with a chewy texture similar to mozzarella).

The Antique’s 30-ton charcoal-burning oven that was baked for Ol’ Blue Eyes now helps melding this new cultural and culinary fusion forged by Antique’s chef Gio Vasquez, a Mexican-American.

“What he (Vazquez) brought to the burger in terms of his culture is really special,” said owner Joe Castillo. “It’s all about the neighboring flavors and bringing them together. That’s why this burger is special, you combine the traditions of our oven with the cultural traditions of our chef. It’s just a very unique burger.”

The combination of two popular food trends—the new burgers and the Alperia taco—sounds like a slam dunk (get it).

But how does it taste? Well, start spreading the news, it’s fat, cheesy, naim umami.

Antique nails the base of the burger, with a juicy, juicy patty, which I ordered middle stewed in hopes of preserving the structure while drenched in gravy. And this entity is some of the best I’ve had in New Jersey; Well seasoned without a lot of salt. The pretzel bun also absorbs soup better than tacos usually, and the burger never fell apart even when I dunked it over and over. Oaxaca cheese is light enough

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a heavy burden – I struggled to finish it. But it sure is delicious.

Antique Bar and Bakery only serves burgers on Tuesday nights and weekend brunch. But lovers of beeriya burger, if such people exist, will have a lot of opportunities to try it.

“It’s (already) a key element at this point,” Castillo said. “We would have upset a lot of people if we had removed him from the list.”

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