The BA showcases the Ooni Fyra 12 . pizza oven

You can also cook other things with the Ooni Fyra 12, provided you have cookware that fits in the opening of the oven. On his website, Ooni provides recipes for things like duck breast and banana bread, which you cook the same way you would in any wood-fired oven—alternating to give each corner an equal amount of time facing the heat source. A small cast iron skillet will work here, but you will need to take out the skillet and rotate the food inside the skillet rather than flipping the skillet itself, since the handle of the skillet will come off the oven; Ooni avoids this problem by selling its cast iron skillet that features a removable handle. I think this is tricky (the pan is also a bit flimsy and small, IMO), so I’ll stick with the pizza.

What does Ooni Fyra 12 do well?

Ooni Fyra offers 12 great pizzas. No matter what dough you use (I’ve tried a few homemade recipes as well as store-bought), the results are puffy, mottled, and cooked in record time. It’s a pleasure to use for a fun dinner for two and amazing as the centerpiece of the party, once you get to grips with your personal system and best practices. The oven’s compact nature also means that if the party isn’t starting, it can easily be stowed away in its box, which is relatively narrow and stackable. As a hater of trick-or-treat kitchen gadgets and big appliances in general, I was surprised by how much I like Ooni, and how easy it is to make space for them in my house — the bonus is that fun.

My favorite thing about the oven is its ease of use. The wood pellet and starter combo couldn’t be simpler, and as long as you keep the hopper full to the top (and don’t forget it, as I once did, while eating a 45-minute pizza), you’ll be rewarded with consistent, very high temperatures. The first time I used the Fyra, I was afraid to take the pizza out of the crust and into the oven, not maneuvering the pie around the oven properly, or ruining the dinner by not having any experience working with a pizza oven before, but the whole process was intuitive. Without ever interacting with live ammunition, you reap all the delicious benefits in your cooking.

What are the biggest drawbacks of Ooni Fyra 12?

It was such a big deal to get my Ooni with my pizza making plan for that particular day, only to discover that I didn’t have a bunch of materials needed – a pizza peel, a fire stirrer, or wood pellets, none of which came in the box . If you don’t buy an Ooni pizza peel, be sure to get a model that’s thin and narrow enough to fit, as well as the pizza, in the oven with enough clearance to shake, shift and angle in every direction. I got this one and really liked it. Presumably you could use a wood veneer as well, but I found that I needed the metal thinner to successfully maneuver it.

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On my first pizza trip, I purchased all-natural fire starters and organic wood pellets from the hardware store, which at first seemed to work just fine. But the oven never reached the temperatures the website claimed it could, and it took 4-6 minutes to cook each pizza. When I used the actual starter and Ooni-branded hardwood pellets, the fire burned faster and was so much stronger, that I could cook the dough itself in a fraction of the time (1-2 minutes total).

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