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Bristol, Tenn. The road to the soft opening Saturday of Tip’n the Scale, Jim, Jeff and Maggie Cooke’s Cheesecake Bakery on Pennsylvania Avenue, had as many twists and turns as the 375 different flavors of cheesecake in their recipe book.

Jim and Jeffrey Cook, business as well as life partners, arrived in Bristol, Tennessee, from Baltimore, during the COVID-19 pandemic in August of 2020 to be closer to Jim’s family, and in the process, perhaps connect with some of Jeff’s distant relatives from Jet City, Virginia.

“I have relatives there (Jet City) that I haven’t met before,” Jeff said. “I will eventually try to find some.” “We moved to be closer to family.”

During the process of moving the boxes to their new home, Jeff fell and broke his neck. He received treatment at Bristol Regional Health Hospital, where he had to perform a spinal neck fusion. The injury ended Jeff’s 30-year career as a hairdresser.

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“Because I broke my neck, I can’t cut hair anymore. My fingers won’t. But, I can still use a blender, I can still use a spoon,” Jeff said.

As Jeff slowly recovers from his injury, Jim, a veteran who lost his right leg while serving in Afghanistan when the Hummer he was in was blown up, gets a job in the address department of Friendship Automotive. The whole time, they kept reminding themselves that they moved to Bristol for two things to reconnect with family and fulfill their cheesecake dreams.

“We kept saying we moved here to do a certain thing. So we said, ‘It’s time, let’s do the bakery,'” Jim said.

With the help of Maggie Cooke, Jim’s stepmother and co-owner of Tip’n the Scale, they were able to find the location of 201 Pennsylvania Ave. and secure it. Through their ruse and the help of their son-in-law, they were able to turn a space that had been empty for 20 years into Tip’n the Scale in just 10 months. The simple opening will take place on Saturday from 2pm-6pm where customers will be able to get a free taste of homemade cheesecake from Tip’n the Scale.

“We just started looking for things,” Jim said. “We got tables from the old Days Inn and painted them in our colors, and chairs we got from elementary school were working.” “You know, things kind of fell into place. People had this. People had that.”

The recipe for Tip’n the Scale cheesecake, which is the basis for all of their cakes, is a secret Jeff thought, baked, and perfected as a hobby throughout his time as a hairstylist.

“The cheesecake recipe comes to me as a side hobby when I was styling my hair from 8pm to midnight. I was making cheesecakes for my clients, and I made over 375 different flavors,” Jeff said.

Jim, who has been running his own pizza and pizza parlor in Baltimore for 10 years, explained the difference between their cheesecake, a New York-style cheesecake, and the cheesecake people tend to think of.

Jim said, “When people think of cheesecake, they think of thin, dense, heavy cheesecake, and nothing we have like that. It’s tall. It’s light. It’s fluffy,” Jim said.

At Tip’n the Scale, customers will experience a mix between a bakery and a yogurt shop. On one side, there will be a rotation of cakes to choose from, such as the crunchy caramel and apple cheesecake, the lemon and raspberry cheesecake or the traditional cherry cheesecake.

“Every week, we’ll have cheesecake for the week. So it’s like I’m making a Snickers or making an Oreo cheesecake. It’ll be on display. That way, they can just have a piece of this if they want to,” Jeff said. “We’ll also make a suggestion box so people can get the flavor they want, or think of a new flavor. They can put it in there, and we’ll make it special for the week.”

Tip’n the Scale, customers will also have the option to make their own cheesecake by having a regular cheesecake and choosing from a variety of toppings, which will change according to the season. Jeff said they’ll do everything cheesecake-based customers can imagine, from cookie sandwiches to banana slices, stuffed strawberries, ice cream and parfait.

“We’ll have an adult section for the toppings,” Jeff said. “In the end, we’ll do like cherry merlot and maybe rum raisin.” “We will serve breakfast in the morning from 8 to 11. We will make pancakes stuffed with cheesecake and toppings. We will also make Danish dishes.”

Jim, Jeff and Maggie have big dreams for Tip’n the Scale.

“We hope it becomes the first of many,” Jeff said.

Tip’n Libra will be closed on Monday.

It will be open Tuesday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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