The best international restaurants in Plymouth to excite the taste buds

When it comes to trying foods from different parts of the world, Plymouth certainly does not disappoint.

Plymouth offers a variety of restaurants to enjoy, from Japanese to Indian. While there are a plethora of traditional British places to thrill the taste buds, we take a look at Ocean City’s most popular international eating establishments.

When it comes to trying foods from different parts of the world, Plymouth certainly does not disappoint. This is by no means a definitive list of restaurants to try!

We have had a look at some of the international restaurants that the city has to offer. But if we missed anything, let us know in the comments below.

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The first Japanese institution on the list, Yukisan On Notte Street. The Asian restaurant was the first Japanese restaurant established in Devon, and it opened its doors in 2004.

From the menu, you can choose from sushi, yakitori, tempura, lobster, steak, fish and sashimi, a perfect introduction to Japanese cuisine. Why not indulge yourself and try something straight from Japan.

Tabuk: 51 Knott Street, Plymouth PL1 2AG

Sosvas Streets of Food

Near Street Food Suphas , located on the medullary glider. This quirky street food option offers a taste of Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and Malaysia.

The team offers a range of gluten-free vegan options and the team will delight in preparing traditional street food dishes. Throughout Asia, Gai Yang is a traditional favourite – a dish of grilled, herb-spiced chicken, served on a bed of crunchy salad.

Tabuk: Sugar House Studios, Marrowbone Slip, Plymouth PL4 0HX

Greek feature and grill

Moving away from Asia, we are now turning to the staples of Greece, to Greek mezze and grills. Barbican’s family-run restaurant brings you the best of Greek cuisine and a welcoming atmosphere to match.

The word “Meze”, which is simply translated into English, means an appetizer. Of course there are a host of other options available, from fish to skewers.

Tabuk:48 Southside Street, Plymouth PL1 2LD


The new and the old a comfort her sitting side by side

Staying in Europe and catering to the Portuguese community in Plymouth comfort her Union Street’s hub is set up almost like a supermarket, with anything from pasta to chocolate available to buy from the shelves inside.

There is no doubt that it is a little different from most restaurants but it is definitely authentic and full of character. The restaurant area is located at the back of the building.

Tabuk:53 Union Street, Stonehouse, Plymouth PL1 3LU

papa rios

New Latin restaurant Papa Rios at 104 Cornwall Street
New Latin restaurant Papa Rios at 104 Cornwall Street

restaurant in latin america papa rios Which serves Mexican food in Cornwall Street. All the delicious dishes and flavors are home cooked from Doritos to burritos and tacos. The interior of the restaurant is decorated with world flags in order to promote world peace.

Address: Cornwall Street PL1 1NF

india cafe

India Café in Stoke Village

India Café At Stoke Village he recently won a regional curry award last year. Indiya Café also specializes in Nepalese and Bangladeshi dishes and are committed to providing the best ingredients to their customers.


Address: 18 Church St, Stoke, Plymouth PL3 4DR

01/27/2017 Pic: Penny Cross Stephen Barrett, who pens wine in the town column every Saturday at The Herald, started a new project called Stephen Barrett is the wine man in your kitchen. Stephen will organize events at various Plymouth restaurants where he matches wine with a selection of food and provides education. Stephen launches a new venture on Friday, January 27 at Lorenzo’s Spanish restaurant and Tapas Bar, Derry’s Cross. Pictured: Stephen Barrett and Lorenzo Owner Michael O’Shaughnessy Contact: Stephen Barrett Reporter: William Telford

Staying within the city center, is Lorenzos, a Spanish restaurant that can be found in Derrys Cross. Lorenzos It is an iconic tapas bar that has proudly been a part of the food and drink industry in Plymouth for over two decades.

Their specialty is obviously tapas but they do offer a range of wine and sangria to enjoy traditional Spanish food. Indulge in a traditional Spanish evening in the heart of Plymouth.


Tabuk: : 26 Derry’s Cross, Plymouth PL1 2SW

Traditionally Turkish and also on Dairy Cross Dunyas which opened last year. Cooked with the finest ingredients from Turkey, dishes worth trying. Their specials include moussaka and casseroles.

Address: 10 Derrys Cross, Plymouth PL1 2SH

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