The best-quality daughter gets a shout-out from the author of “The Joy Luck Club”

Aimee Tan gives a nod to a high-quality daughter

“The Joy Luck Club” author Amy Tan posted about San Antonio’s best quality daughter-in-law on Facebook this week, calling the restaurant’s name “very fun and exciting.” The restaurant’s chef and co-owner, Jennifer Hoa Dubertin, named her the best high-quality daughter because of a line at the “Joy Luck Club”. It is meant to be a reference to the complex relationship between Chinese American women and their mothers born in China.

Tan wrote that she heard about the restaurant after a friend visited it with his daughter. “It’s a great restaurant in a historic building with themed rooms and great food,” he told her. He also promised to return Tan’s T-shirt with “best quality daughter” written on it, which Tan said was “better than a cup.”

Lil Treasures SA hosts the opening of “Super Soft”

Lil Treasures SA, sister company to Gold Coffee, hosted a “super-soft” opening today, July 15, and it sold out within 40 minutes. The opening saw the introduction of breakfast sandwiches from Brother Frank’s, one of two companies to appear at Lil Treasures, located in the Freight Gallery in the Lone Star Arts District. Sweet Confections Bakeshop will also appear in the space.

5 points close

Staffing issues have led chef Michael Suhoki to close his 5-point restaurant, at least for now, according to The venue in the Five Points neighborhood houses 5 Points Restaurant and Kimura, which will remain open as they expand.

Sohocki told “We’re in a storm” and that many of his employees are doing more than one person’s work, which is not sustainable.

Diners are welcome back at Thai Dee

Thai Dee announced Monday that diners can once again enjoy Pad Thai, green curry noodles and other on-site favorites. The restaurant on Blanco Road has only been serving fast food and delivery for the last couple of years due to the pandemic. Fans can still order takeaway or delivery, but tables are now also open for lunch and dinner.

San Antonio Mann appointed head of Taco Favor

Favor announced this week that Chris Flores will serve as the chief taco official. Job in San Antonio will be tasting and reviewing tacos across the state for the next two months. Flores talks with us here about the job and his lifelong love of tacos.

The first appearance of the sugar factory on the riverwalk

The Sugar Factory American Brasserie opened its second Texas location in stores at the Rivercenter this week. Dubbed “Best Restaurant on Instagram” Food and wine Magazine because of the over-the-counter milkshakes, dessert glasses filled with alcohol and more.

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